Graduate Workshop in Computational Social Science Modeling and Complexity - Attendees 2012

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Also see the Facebook Graduate Workshop Page to get to know the participants.

At the very least, post a photo and answer the questions below:

  • What are your main interests? Feel free to include a "pie in the sky" big idea!
  • What sort of expertise can you bring to the group?
  • What do you hope to get out of the GWCSS?

Alexander van der Vooren, Urtecht University

Beniamino Volta, University of California, San Diego

Felipe Romero, Washington University in St. Louis

Isaac Sasson, University of Texas at Austin

Keith Schnakenberg, Washington University in St. Louis

Omar Guerreo, George Mason University

Robert Mamada, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Trey Thomas, University of Texas at Austin

Varsha Kulkarni, Indiana University

Yuntao Long, Institute of Quantitative and Technical Economics , The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences