Graduate Workshop in Computational Social Science Modeling and Complexity - Agenda

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This is a Tentative Schedule

Week 1

   * Sunday, 19 June
         o 1800-2000: reception and dinner at the Thorpe Room. 
   * Monday, 20 June
         o 0900-0930: welcome and administrative details
         o 0930-1200: introduction to computational economics (Miller/Page)
         o 1200-1300: lunch
         o 1300-1330: small group homework problem
         o 1330-1400: computer details
         o 1400-1700: work on homework 
   * Tuesday, 21 June
         o 1000-1200: homework discussion (group presentations)
         o 1200-1400: lunch, prepare individual talks
         o 1400-1730: individual student talks (~10 minutes each) on current/future work
         o 1900-?: continue student talks (if needed) 
   * Wednesday, 22 June
         o 1000-1200: adaptive computation and applications--John Miller, CMU and SFI
         o 1200-1400: lunch
         o 1400-1600: diversity and complexity--Scott Page, U Mich and SFI 
   * Thursday, 23 June
         o 1000: homework write-ups due (in HTML)
         o 1000-1200: Lecture
         o 1200-1400: lunch
         o 1400-1600: ??TBA
   * Friday, 24 June
         o 0830: buses leave for SFI from the Visitor's Circle
         o 1000-1200: Lecture
   * Saturday, 25 June
         o Fun in New Mexico! Various opportunities, including rafting, pueblo tours, hot springs, hiking, old churches, ruins, etc., etc. 

Week 2

   * Sunday, 26 June
         o work, work, work 
   * Monday, 27 June
         o 0900: two page project descriptions (and two designated ``referees) are due for your Friday paper
         o 0900-1230: individual meetings on projects (~15 minutes each)
         o 1200-1300: lunch
         o individual research 
   * Tuesday, 28 June
         o 1000-1200: Lecture
         o individual research 
   * Wednesday, 29 June
         o individual research 
   * Thursday, 30 June
         o individual research 
   * Friday, 1 July
         o 0830: leave for SFI from the Visitor's Circle
         o 0900: paper due
         o 0900-1200: paper presentations at SFI medium conference room (~20 minutes each)
         o 1300-1400: lunch at SFI
         o 1400-1600: paper presentations at SFI medium conference room (~20 minutes each) 
   * Saturday, 2 July
         o 0900-1200: exit interviews