Graduate Workshop in Computational Social Science Modeling and Complexity

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Welcome to the wiki for the Graduate Workshop in Computational Social Science Modeling and Complexity. Please check back often for updated information.

Safety and Security:

  • Anyone who wishes to be escorted on campus may call security ( 'O' on the campus phone) and an officer will escort anyone place to place (say the computer lab to dorm room, etc).
  • Capitol City Cabs (505-438-0000) will give rides free of charge to women who would otherwise walk alone in the city at night, no questions asked. See this article.
  • Free taxi rides for everyone on Friday and Saturday nights! The county will pay for residents to take cabs anywhere in the city from 5:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays. The Chauffeur and Designated Driver program, called CADDy and modeled after a similar program in Grant County, aims to reduce drinking and driving.

Computing and Network Information

  • Neither the St John's college computer network nor the Santa Fe Institute computer network are to be used for Internet File Sharing Applications. Violation of this policy can lead to loss of network access.
  • The network at St John's tends to be rather slow. For those who can go into town, there are several places with free wifi access. They are: Santa Fe Baking Company on Cordova near St Francis; Aztec Cafe on Aztec between Guadalupe and Sandoval; Java Joe's on Rodeo Road at Zia; CD Cafe on Guadalupe near Bumble Bee's Baja Grill; Starbuck's in De Vargas Mall. Border's Books has a t-mobile hot-spot at their 2 locations.
  • How to use Parallels, the windows emulator:

1. Click and open Parallels icon which is yellow and looks like two Ds that are connected.

2. This starts a window that shows the configuration. click the green play button on the right hand side.

3. Windows will boot up.

4. Click on the window to select it, and click on the view option on the menu bar. Select what mode you want to use:

Coherence makes the windows application run on the apple desktop, without showing the Windows desktop. To exit, click the blue bottom bar (Dock) to get the view option and choose another option.

Full screen is where Windows covers the desktop. To exit, hit Alt and Enter and click, to get the view option; or hit Ctrl and Alt.

OS window is where windows runs in its own separate window on the Mac Desktop. On the bottom of the OS window, it shows the configurations, and on the right, the red stop button will close it, the pause button will pause execution, the green play button will start it and the bent yellow arrow will restart it. You can also configure the Virtual Machine, and choose the window options .

The Parallels installation will capture the CD/DVD drive when it is running, so if a CD is not showing up on the Mac desktop, stop the parallels program to release the drive.