GWE Participants

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  • Nils Bertshinger, Complex Systems, Leipzig [email]
  • Aaron Bramson, Political Science, Michigan [email], [Web]
  • Michael Findley, Political Science, U. of Illinois at U-C [email] [Web]
  • Martin Ganco, Business Administration, U. of Illinois at U-C [email]
  • Simone Giansante, Computational Finance, U. of Essex [email] [Web]
  • Stephen Haptonstahl, Political Science, Wash U in St Louis [email] [Web]
  • Dominic Rohner, Economics, Cambridge [email] [Web]
  • Mary Shenk, Anthropology, U. North Carolina [email]
  • Hye-Jin Youn, Physics, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology [email] [Web]
  • Rimma Yusim, Economics, Brandeis [email]


  • Kirill Chernomaz, Economics, Ohio State [email]
  • Yen-Sheng Chiang, Sociology, Washington [email]
  • Scott Christley, Computer Science, Notre Dame [email]
  • Sheila Conway, Systems Engineering, NASA and Old Diminion [email]
  • Adrian de Froment, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton [email]
  • Joel Grus, Social Science, Cal Tech [email]
  • Kyle Joyce, Political Science, Pennsylvania State [email]
  • Yasmina Khoury, Economics, Columbia [email]
  • Andreas Pape, Economics, Michigan [email]
  • Markus Schneider, Economics, New School [email]


  • Simon Angus, Economics, U. of New South Wales [email]
  • Jeremy Dalletezze, Economics, Brandeis [email]
  • Matt Grossmann, Political Science, Berkeley [email]
  • Kristen Hassmiller, Public Health, Michigan [email]
  • Robert Letzler, Policy, Berkeley [email]
  • Dan Li, Finance, Carnegie Mellon University [email]
  • Rodolfo Sousa, Policy, Manchester Metropolitan U. [email]
  • Horacio Trujillo, Policy, RAND [email]
  • Leanne Ussher, Economics, New School U. [email]
  • Xing Zhong, Sociology, U. of Chicago [email]


  • Elenna Dugundji, Social and Behavioral Sciences, U. of Amsterdam [email]
  • Matt Golder, Political Science, New York University [email]
  • Laszlo Gulyas, Informatics, Lorand Eotvos U., Budapest [email]
  • Deddy Koesrindartoto, Dept. of Economics, Iowa State U. [email]
  • Nandi Leslie, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton U. [email]
  • Kevin Lochner, AI Lab, U. of Michigan [email]
  • Scott Moser, Social and Decision Sciences, Carnegie Mellon U. [email]
  • Suresh Naidu, Economics, U. Mass. at Amherst [email]
  • William Rand, Center for the Study of Complex Systems, U. of Michigan [email]
  • Eugen Tereanu, Dept. of Economics, Johns Hopkins U. [email]
  • C. Jason Woodard, Harvard Business School, Harvard U. [email]


  • Margo Bergman, Economics, U. of Houston [email]
  • Matthew Cronin, Organizations, Carnegie Mellon U. [email]
  • Ahlam Fakhar, Economics, Claremont Graduate University [email]
  • Nicolas Garrido, Economics, U. de Alcala de Henares [email]
  • Robert Gazzale, Economics, U. of Michigan [email]
  • A. Joseph Guse, Economics, U. of Wisconsin [email]
  • Nobuyuki Hanaki, Economics, Colubia U. [email]
  • Marc Reimann, Center for Business Studies, U. of Vienna [email]
  • Michael Rimler, Economics, U. of Michigan [email]
  • Sibel Sirakaya, Economics, U. of Wisconsin [email]