GSSS 2016-Lecture Slides

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GSSS 2016

Luis Bettencourt, GSSS Director

Juniper Lovato, SFI Education Director

Christa Brelsford, Water and Socioeconomics

Kathleen Cagney, Health and Sociology

Christian Casillas, The challenge of estimating community GHG emissions

Khoo Teng Chye - High Liveable and High Density Urban Development – A Singapore Story

Audrey de Nazelle, Air Pollution in Cities and Impacts on Health

Marion Dumas

Jennifer Dunne, Ecological Networks in the Arctic

Sean Green, Technology and Social Dynamics

Christopher Kennedy
Professor and Chair - University of Victoria Civil Engineering

Edward Mazria, (Founder/CEO - Architecture 2030) - The Energy Transformation Necessary for Buildings

Peter Newman, Urban Sustainability

Dan O’Brien, Sociology and Big Data

Matt Petersen

Jessika Trancik

Geoffrey West, A Unifying Framework for the Dynamics and Structure of Organisms, Ecosystems, Cities and Companies