Foundations of Intelligence in Natural and Artificial Systems

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organized by Melanie Mitchell (SFI), Melanie Moses (UNM; SFI), and Tyler Millhouse (SFI)
March 15-19, 2021

Meeting description: This workshop is the first in a series of meetings at SFI on the foundations of intelligence, a project sponsored by the National Science foundation. Many members of the SFI community identify the notion of intelligence as an important aspect of their research, but there are extremely diverse perspectives on this broad topic. The objective of this workshop is to provide a forum for discussion within our community about these various perspectives, and about the most fruitful paths for future collaborations. An interdisciplinary group of speakers will be asked to address the following questions:

● How do you define “intelligence” or “intelligences”? What features of behavior do you think of as requiring an idea of intelligence?

● What are the most important questions about intelligence or cognition more broadly that you think about in your domain of study?

● What approaches could best provide an answer to these questions?

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