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* Christian Darabos
* Christian Darabos
* [ Tim Johann]
* [ Tim Johann]
* Vikas Shah

== Idea ==
== Idea ==

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CSSS Santa Fe 2007

First meeting scheduled for Thu, Jun 7, 10:15am after the lecture.


(Just sign up yourself, if interested, or, whom I've just forgotten)

  • Kathryn Cooper
  • Amelie Veron
  • Wenyun Zuo
  • Christian Darabos
  • Tim Johann
  • Vikas Shah


Given the concept of the Metabolism First Hypothesis, how did early simple and essentially random reaction networks evolve into ones that exhibit characteristics of scale-free and small-world networks? What physically meaningful rules may we find that can lead to this?

Things to consider

  • No predefined goal! Besides evolvability.
  • How to define fitness? Or, how to define selection without a known fitness function?
    • Yes, I though it might be interesting to run simulations without fitness and selection, just based on the rules of evolution and see what comes out -- Amelie
      • What to do about the explosion of possibilities? [Tim]
  • How can we get increasing complexity of metabolites?