Engineering Complex Systems

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Co-hosted by MITRE and and Computational Public Policy Lab at Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study, George Mason University

Held at George Mason University, Krasnow Institute, Fairfax, VA

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Invitation only

Engineering Complex Systems

Co-organized by: Matt Koehler, The MITRE Corporation

Summary: The temptation to build ever larger and more capable engineered systems raises fundamental questions about our ability to understand, design, and control systems with extraordinary complexity. This meeting will review the opportunities and challenges for engineering increasingly large scale systems and "systems of systems”, both physical and computational, and both “conventional” (i.e., consisting largely of concatenations of well-understood elementary components) and “complex” (i.e., consisting of many individual elements — think nerve cells in the brain or inhabitants of a city — each of which has many, many, often nonlinear, connections to other elements). Speakers will include theorists of very-large scale and complex systems, as well as designers and engineers of some of the largest-scale systems created to date.