Ellen D. Badgley

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Complex Systems Summer School 2016


Ellen D. Badgley, The MITRE Corporation - McLean VA USA

I’m a software engineer with the MITRE Corporation, specializing in computational social science and geospatial applications. I’ve worked on quite a few interesting projects involving such diverse subjects as geospatial data modeling, spatial optimization of large public facilities, and agent-based modeling to assess military equipping/readiness. I’m particularly interested in the emergence of complex societies, the possibilities of agent-based modeling to understand historical patterns, and “big history” in general.

I received my BA in Anthropology from Wake Forest University (including an archaeological field school at Jamestown, VA, the earliest permanent English settlement in North America) and my MS in Geographic and Cartographic Sciences from George Mason University (with quite a few electives in their Computational Social Science department).

In my off hours, I participate in a historical reenactment group, and enjoy reading, role-playing and board games, and music (the earlier the better). I also love to travel, especially in East Asia (my picture above was taken near Turfan in western China).