Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues

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given demand, I am happy to give a brief overview/dicussion on what are linear eigenspaces (or e-vectors and e-values) in light of how they crop up in nonlinear dynamics and how they relate to behaviour around hyperbolic points - i.e. liz bradley's "horse diagram" elucidated. no background math necessary (ok, a little linear algebra and basic differential calculus might be handy, but we won't be touching homoclinic tangles etc...). post below if u keen and we can setup a short session,

cheers dan

  • I am DEFINITELY interested ! Saleha Habibullah
  • Im also interested dan! Frederic Bartumeus
  • Sweet. Vikas
  • I'm in! Rhonda
  • yeah, I could use a refresher! -> Josh
  • i'm in. rafal
  • I'm interested. - Brian
  • yeah that would be great. -Will L.
  • I'm in. --jd
  • Count me in. -Kristen
  • Sounds interesting. When will it be? Mike
  • Will B.

ok, it seems there is plenty of interest - I will organise a session from 7pm-8pm on Monday June 11 at 2nd Floor Senior Seminar Room - post below if that does not suit - dan

Any chance of having it sometime Wednesday morning?