Earth League Annual Workshop 2014: "The World Under 2-4 Degrees Warming"

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organized by John Schellnhuber (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research)

The Earth League is a self-organised alliance of highly respected climate scientists working across different regions of the world. Their purpose is to create a much-needed united global voice on issues of planetary processes and sustainability, towards the continued prosperity of the environment and mankind. The EL conference at SFI in 2014 will address the theme of “The World Under 2 – 4 Degrees Warming” and will be timed with the final WG (III) release of the IPCC AR5. It shall bring together Earth League members, prominent scientists, up-coming junior scientists, and SFI scientists to discuss the environmental and societal consequences of a 2 to 4 degrees temperature rise; explore ways to bring a greater central focus to the human dimension within the climate model; as well as initiating an analytical discussion on the approaches adopted by the IPCC and possible alternative models to better engage decision-makers. Discussion will be through an action-based framework, with the goals of informing policy-makers, forging important new directions of research and initiating short-term joint projects or working groups to realise objectives determined within the conference.