Dr. Sayantari Ghosh

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Complex Systems Winter School 2015

Sayantari Ghosh is a Postdoctoral researcher and is also associated with a degree college in Kolkata as a lecturer in Physics. She completed her doctorate from the Department of Physics, Bose Institute, Kolkata, under the guidance of Prof. Indrani Bose. She is an alumna of School of Physical Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Though a physicist by training, Sayantari is currently interested in the application of concepts of physical sciences to understand unexplored biological phenomena. She wishes to contribute significantly in this emerging area of research at the interface of mathematics, physics, engineering and biology. Her main research interests are stochastic gene expression, multistability in gene regulatory circuits, statistical physics of biological systems etc. Her future plans involve exploring more general complex systems, both from biology and from other origins, from the point of view of nonlinearity, stochasticity, robustness and information processing perspective Sayantari is from a small industrial town, Asansol, in West Bengal, India. She completed her education till Bachelor Degree from her hometown itself. She idealizes her father to be her hero and is very much attached with her mother, Smt. Gopa Ghosh and her only sister, Sayanshree.