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Ruben says: I'm especially interested in Nat. Parks and Nat. Monuments - they are just the best! I've an 'America the Beautiful' pass, which allows me (and the whole car I'm in) to visit each Park without fees. So if somebody is interested, just write it in here. I'd prefer White Sands, Petriefied Forest or Badlands. But I'm open for everything (how about Alaska? ;-))-

Nish is planning on visiting White Sands, Carlsbad and perhaps the Grand Canyon (about 7 hours for the last one). I also could drive back up to Canyonlands if folks are interested. I'm told we have a full moon in two weeks, which is when I would like to visit White Sands. I'm guessing that makes the third weekend for the Grand Canyon... I have room for 4 more in my car, although it might be a little tight. Feel free to put your name here if you'd like to tag along.