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Hi, I am Dirk van Apeldoorn, a 2nd year PhD-student at the Land Dynamics and the Plant Production Systems group at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. I have a masters degree from the same university in Tropical Landuse. My research is on the dynamics of agro-ecosystems and especially resilience of these systems. I use complex system thinking in trying to understand what is happening in rural areas in the Netherlands and Zimbabwe.

Besides research I spend time on the construction of recumbents and driving these bikes across Europe (might be nice to take one Santa Fe as well, have to check rates). Further more I am living with my wife in old villa which takes some time to maintain and to take care of a vegetable garden as well. I try to cook a dinner ones a week for the vegetarian commune/food collective who is situated in the villa.

It seems that we can have a good time in Santa Fe as most of you like drinking beers with friends and going out for hikes. Looking forward to meeting you all. Dirk

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