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Complex Systems Summer School 2016

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"All the epidemiologists say my research is infectious" - E. Libby

"SFI's network scientists are so tightly linked, it's NP hard to get a word in edge-wise" - E. Libby

"Cris Moore is downright cryptologic" - E. Libby

When a server asks if you would like red OR green salsa on your burrito, the correct answer in New Mexico is "Christmas." This logical operator is known as the XMAS gate.

"I accept chaos, I'm not sure whether it accepts me." - Bob Dylan

"Amazing. It's like to be in the Middle Age, but you can pay with Visa Card" Danilo at Taos Pueblo

On the subject of P-hacking, check out to correlate anything with anything. (Ellen)


"Just as almost all mathematics is nonlinear, almost all economic phenomena are complex, and a discussion of which problems are illuminated by complexity economics is silly. A more tractable topic would be whether there are any problems it does not illuminate, or should not illuminate." - JD Farmer