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[[Ben Hosken]], Flink Labs – Australia
[[Ben Hosken]], Flink Labs – Australia
[[Christopher Yang]], Johns Hopkins University – USA
[[Colby Clark]], University of Kentucky – USA
[[Colby Clark]], University of Kentucky – USA

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Complex Systems Summer School 2020


June 14 - July 10, 2020 - Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


Participants and their affiliation (plus the country of their affiliation) will be added as they register.

The bio you provide at registration will be posted on your page.

Please email a PHOTO to It will be added to your page too.

Thank you so much!


Andrew Gardiner, International Committee of the Red Cross – Jordan

Ben Hosken, Flink Labs – Australia

Christopher Yang, Johns Hopkins University – USA

Colby Clark, University of Kentucky – USA

Dominik Deffner, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology - Germany

Elisenda Ortiz Castillo, Universitat de Barcelona – Spain

Hae Jin (Hayley) Song, University of Southern California – USA

Marina Dubova, Indiana University – USA

Nataša Puzović, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology – Germany

Oleksandra Poquet, University of South Australia – Australia

Praful Gagrani, University of Wisconsin-Madison – USA

Susan Sechrist, University of British Columbia – Canada

Tzu-Chi Yen, University of Colorado Boulder – USA