Complex Systems Summer School 2019 (CSSS)

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Complex Systems Summer School 2019

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June 9 - July 5, 2019 - Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


"The Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School (CSSS) is world class. Combining the latest thinking from world leading scientists, true multidisciplinary perspectives, and the passion from 50 or more of the best and brightest attendees is inspiring. With the diversity of people, country representation and perspectives, breakthrough research was established in a wide range of new areas. I commend the program to those that are not satisfied with the status quo, those that want to break new ground, and those who are the future leaders in their fields." - Matthew Ayres, CSSS Cohort 2014; Managing Director, Growth and Innovation Asia Pacific.

The Complex Systems Summer School offers an intensive four week introduction to complex behavior in mathematical, physical, living, and social systems for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and professionals in the sciences and social sciences. The school is for participants who seek background and hands-on experience to help them prepare to conduct interdisciplinary research in areas related to complex systems.

The program consists of an intensive series of lectures, laboratories, and discussion sessions focusing on foundational ideas, tools, and current topics in complex systems research. These include nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation, scaling theory, information theory and computation theory, adaptation and evolution, network structure and dynamics, adaptive computation techniques, computer modeling tools and specific applications of these core topics to various disciplines. In addition, participants will formulate and carry out team projects related to topics covered in the program.

All activities will be conducted in English. Participants are expected to attend the entire session.

Applicants are welcome from all countries. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. Enrollment is limited.

Fees - Payment Deadline is April 19, 2019
Student and Academic Rate: Tuition for the program is $4,500 and is inclusive of participation, course materials, accommodations, and meals. Students are responsible for their travel costs. For students seeking departmental funding to attend the school, supporting materials are available from SFI

Corporate Rate: Tuition for the program is $6,000 and is inclusive of participation, course materials, accommodations, and meals. Please contact for more information on how to attend as a corporate participant.

Housing is in single or double occupancy dormitory rooms with en suite bathrooms and is available from June 9 arrival through July 5 departure. Participants who wish to arrive before or stay after these dates must arrange for other accommodations on their own. Additional housing dates may be booked through IAIA on an as-requested basis.

Applications are accepted from graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and professionals in any discipline. Some background in science and mathematics (including multi-variate calculus and linear algebra) is required. Proficiency in English is also required. CSSS Application FAQs

For further information, please contact