Complex Systems Summer School 2019-TShirts

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Complex Systems Summer School 2019

Blank canvas: Carolina Blue

"Carolina Blue"

Is this a meme?

"Meme on the shirt" "Design"


"Complexziaty2" "Complexziaty on Shirt"

(The 0s and 1s spell out SFI 2019 in binary.)

Dandelion 1.0

DANDELION.jpg DANDELION TSHIRT.jpg Dandelion black.jpg

The Wheel of Complexity

Complexity Wheel Shirt.jpg Complexity wheel.jpg

WheelOfComplexityGrey.jpg grey on shirt Purple on Shirt WheelOfComplexity blackonshirt.png

The Beauty of Complexity


Log log lady: Tribute to Catherine E. Coulson and one David not involved with SFI

Loglog lady.png

Voronoi of Lorenx attractor

LorenzVoronoi2.png LorenzVoronoiTshirt.png LorenzVoronoiTshirt blue.png

Glyph Festival


The SFI Glyph language (created for SFI) spells "CSSS" across the top and "2019" to the left of the bear. Original photo taken at Interplanetary Festival, courtesy of Pablo.

Glyph Back v1


This t-shirt back uses SFI's glyph language (thanks SFI Press!). It reads: SFI Complex Systems Summer School 2019

Glyph Back v2


This t-shirt back lists everyone's names in the SFI glyphs in alphabetical order by last name.

The human fractal v1

The drawing was done by Lou, I've put together the t-shirt.

300 px

The human fractal v2

300 px