Complex Systems Summer School 2019-Project Presentations

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Complex Systems Summer School 2019



  • 9.30: Resilience in Conway's Game of Life (Alex, Arta, Elissa, Luther, Kazuya, Patrick, Wenqian)
  • 9.40: Production Webs in Minecraft (Chris Q, Erwin, Kate, Bakus, Patrick)
  • 9.50: Modelling Housing Demand (John Schuler, Ian)
  • 10.00: Scrutinizing Early Warning Signals of Depression (Fabian, Toni, Andrea, Arta)
  • 10.10: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Analyzing Interdisciplinary Collaboration (Jackie, Kyle, Dakota, Fabian, Emily)
  • 10.20: Intersections of CSS and CBR (Robert, Winnie, Travis, Dee, Ian)
  • 10.30: Complex Systems Summer School Social Survey
  • 10.40: Weighted Expectations (Mikaela, Elissa, Arta, Paula, Ahyan)
  • 10.50: Explaining mass extinction driven dwarfing (lilliput effect) with metabolic scaling theory (Anshuman, Jordi, Yuka, Jack)
  • 11.20: Multi-scale Inequality & Cities (Bhartendu, Alec, Ahyan, Chris Q, Daniel)
  • 11.30:
  • 11.40: self-organizing cities (Luther, German, Kazuya, Ludwig, Bhartendu)
  • 11.50: Too Much Information and Segregation (Wenqian, Pablo, Jordi, Brennan, Chris Q)
  • 12.00: Topological diversity in networks (Keith, Toni, Travis, Xin, Yuka)
  • 12.10: The individual lives of microbial cells: evolution of phenotypic diversity in a bacterial population (aka The Pheno-Evo Research Group) (Jessica L, Adam, Ritu, Pam, Daniel, Kirtus)
  • 12.20:



  • 9.30: Modeling and predicting food insecurity using a resilience lens (Erwin, Andrew, Alexander, Pam, Dan, Fabian)
  • 9.40: Complexity & Consent (Jackie, Elissa, Travis and Ernest)
  • 9.50: Dynamics of Political Ideas on Social Networks (David, Jackie, Ludvig, Ernest, Ritu, Kyle)
  • 10.00: Resilence and presilience in protein network structure (April, Brennan, Keith, Ludvig, Laura, Mackenzie, Doug R, Anshuman)
  • 10.10: Is entropy sexy? (Kenzie, Henri, Ritu, Pablo)
  • 10.20: Evaluating Two Mechanisms for the Evolution of Social Complexity (Alex, Dries, Marjorie, Ignacio, Kazuya)
  • 10.30: Cultural fractals: Evidence for punctuated equilibria and other themes in a time series of online interaction (Marjorie, Winnie, Dries, Jessica)
  • 10.40: Network Control with Graph Signal Processing (Alec, Billy, Brennan, Harun)
  • 10.50: Game Warping (Shruti, Aabir)
  • 11.20: Science Policy and Communication (John M, Chris B-J, Dakota Murray, Mackenzie Johnson, Kyle, Ritu, Andrew G-B)
  • 11.30: Lingua Technia (Dakota, John M, Chris B-J, Jeongki, Ignacio, Pablo F, Doug)
  • 11.40: Taming the Complex via Concept Mapping (Pam Dee Wenqian)
  • 12.00: Artificial fossilization of animal interaction networks (Jack, Kate, Andrew, Anshuman, Dries, Emily)
  • 12.10: Toward an effective control of malaria in Ghana (Koissi, Jeongki, Anshuman, Bhartendu)
  • 12.20: Codename Leaf hunters (Levi, Emily, Anshuman)


  • 14.00: Computational Synesthesia (Doug, Bhargav, Aabir, Mark, Ruggerio, Ethan)
  • 14.10: HTG in Robotic Swarms (Kirtus/Levi/Jessica/Mackenzie/Anshuman)
  • 14.20: The Perfect Door: Design & Science (Jeongki, Kenzie, and Luther)
  • 14.30: Scaling of water resources in US cities (Catherine, Jessica Brumley, Gen, Ian)
  • 14.40: Concave Utility as Efficient Encoding (Mikaela, Paula, Elissa)
  • 14.50: Sci-Fi ABM-Thology (Andrew, Harun, and Jeongki)
  • 15.00: How does resource availability and usage affect cooperation? (Anshuman, Dries, Marjorie, Ruggiero, Kirtus, Ian, Billy, Kunaal)
  • 15.10: Models and Metaphors (Dries, Doug Reckamp, Ethan)
  • 15.20: Paradigmatic Relations! (Yuka, Mark)
  • 15.50:
  • 16.00: Chaotic Brain (Pablo, Paula, Keith, Laura, David, Mikaela, Levi)
  • 16.10: HebbWeb (Pasha, Chiara, Levi, Xin, Billy)
  • 16.20: River networks (Gen, Brennan, Alec, Dan)
  • 16.30: Evolution of Cells' Decision to Divide (Kunaal, Kazuya)
  • 16.40: Modelling the spatial diffusion of human language (Henri, Harun, Kenzie, Pablo Flores, Ritu)
  • 16.50:
  • 17.00:
  • 17.10:
  • 17.20: