Complex Systems Summer School 2019-Project Presentations

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Complex Systems Summer School 2019

Preference list


  1. Weighted Expectations (Mikaela, Ahyan, Elissa, Arta, Paula)
  2. The individual lives of microbial cells (Jessica Lee, Kirtus, Ritu, Daniel, Adam, Pam)
  3. Modelling the spatial diffusion of human languages (Henri, Ritu, Harun, Kenzie, Pablo Flores)
  4. Modeling Minecraft's Crafting Web (Erwin, Chris Q., Bakus, Patrick, Kate)
  5. Resilience in Conway's Game of Life (Alex, Arta, Elissa, German, Kazuya, Luther, Patrick, Wenqian)
  6. Housing models from economic and demographic perspectives (John Shuler, Ian)


  1. Computational Synesthesia (Doug, Ethan, Aabir, Bhargav, Mark, Ruggiero)

Later Wednesday

  1. Cities and Scaling (Catherine, Jessica B, Ian, Gen)