Complex Systems Summer School 2019-After Hours

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Complex Systems Summer School 2019

Please use this space to plan social events.

White Sands

Hello! Some of us are going to white sands on Saturday and have some spots left in cars if anyone wants to join

Car 1: Amy – leaving by 5:00 AM on Saturday morning (to get permits!)

  • Lou
  • Erwin
  • Jack
  • Anshuman

Car 2: Adam (also leaving at 5am)

  • Bhargav
  • Kenzie (tentatively? plans may change tomorrow!)
  • David (I can also drive a third car if necessary)
  • Pablo Flores

We can get permits for 2 campsites (up to 12 people). So, first come/first serve on the remaining spots. The drive is 4 hours from IAIA.

The spots are backpacking only – about 2 km walk from the car to a site (on sand). Please be sure to read this info page ( Expect it to be both very hot and probably quite chilly at night. A sleeping bag is necessary, lots of water, the ability to carry in/out food, and comfortable with no-bathroom conditions.

I think it’s easiest for each car to organize themselves – other than the permits (which I will grab), the rest of the details should be self-organized :)

Weekend Shuttles

A shuttle will be available to get you to and from downtown Santa Fe on Friday evening and Saturday mid-morning through the afternoon. The shuttle will be making runs back and forth between the downtown area and IAIA campus.

Shuttle schedule:

FRIDAY: 10:00pm - 1:00am

SATURDAY: 11:30am - 2:00pm and 10:30pm - 1:00am

We have two pickup spots:

Water & Sandoval at 269 W. Water Street

Railyard Pavillion at 1609 Paseo De Peralta

Please be prompt to pickup locations, as the shuttle will need to keep a tight schedule in order to stay on time. We also want to be respectful of Lorenzo's time, especially with the late-night pickups.

In the event a shuttle is overloaded, a to-and-from trip ("orbit") should be approximately 45 minutes.

The plan is to have the "beginning" return trip of the schedule depart from the Railyard location, with the final pickup night will departing from Water & Sandoval at 1:00am.

Final pickups for both days will be the Water & Sandoval location, so your worst-case scenario will be to meet the shuttle at 1:00am.

As a reminder, Uber and Lyft are also available and efficient ways of getting around.

Completed Activities

Monday Shopping

Supplies Run: 7:00pm to Walmart: Huge store with just about anything you'll need.

Lorenzo's Shuttle (15 seats)

First Run (~7:00pm)
1. Henri
2. Mackenzie Johnson
3. Paula Parpart
4. Pam Mantri
5. Chris Quarles
6. Bakus
7. Kunaal Joshi
8. Dakota
9. Wenqian
10. Ritu
11. Germán
12. Winnie
13. Andrew G.-B.
14. Pablo (Melbourne)
15. Yuka

Second Run (~8:00pm)
2. Mikaela
3. Jackie
4. Dee
5. Shruti
6. Andrea
7. Chiara
9. Arta

JP's super cool VW (~7:00pm)


Second St. Rufina

June 13

Off-campus hangout at Second St. Rufina! Transportation to and from, 9:00-midnight. They know we're coming so it's all copacetic!

Sign-up is to get a general idea of who wants to go, shuttle will loop around during the night.

1. Winnie
2. Bakus
3. Brennan
4. Dries
5. John
6. Paula
7. Elissa
8. Germán
9. Jordi
10. Arta
11. Harun