Complex Systems Summer School 2017-Project Group Meeting Schedule

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Complex Systems Summer School 2017

Game On!

Coming Up

Meeting on Monday 6/19 at 5pm

Develop our final pitch for project liason at 445 on 6/20.

Beer Evolution

Coming Up

Meeting Tuesday 6/20 over lunch
Bleu: 1. Old beer list 2. Methods 3. Cleaning data

Doheum: 1. Finish cleaning data 2. Define beer class by website styles

Zhiya: 1. Book data 2. Website data.


Coming Up

Meeting Tuesday 6/20 with Professor Wagner over break
Bleu: 1. Metabolite list 2. Serotonin network 3. Verify metabolite-producing species

Aaron: Get CSSS Id's for metabolite names

Kyle: Network script