Complex Systems Summer School 2017-Participants

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Complex Systems Summer School 2017

The bio you provide at registration will be posted on this page.

To post a photo and answer the questions below please email them to

  • What are your main interests? Feel free to include a "pie in the sky" big idea!
  • What sort of expertise can you bring to the group?
  • What do you hope to get out of the CSSS?
  • Do you have any possible projects in mind for the CSSS?


Aaron Schwartz, University of Vermont - U.S.

Abdel Abdelgabar, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience - Netherlands

Adrián Soto, Stony Brook University - U.S.

Aida Huerta Barrientos, University of Mexico - Mexico

Alberto Micheletti, University of St Andrews - U.K.

Alexandra Jurgens, University of California, Davis - U.S.

Alicia Kraay, University of Michigan Ann Arbor - U.S.

Alje van Dam, Utrecht University - Netherlands

Anand Nair, Michigan State University - U.S.

Andrew Johnson, Scripps Institution of Oceanography - San Diego - U.S.

Basak Taraktas, Northwestern University - U.S.

Bleu Knight, New Mexico State University - U.S.

Burcu Tepekule, ETH Zurich - Switzerland

Cigdem Yalcin, Istanbul University - Turkey

Carla Rivera, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile - Chile

Carlos Viniegra, Cutter Consortium - Mexico

Christopher Miles, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - U.S.

Damon Frezza, MITRE Corporation - U.S.

Deepa Rao, MIT and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution - U.S.

Dmitriy (Tim) Kunisky, New York University - U.S.

Doheum Park, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology - Republic of Korea

Elaine Bochniewicz, MITRE Corporation - U.S.

Ella Jamsin, Delft University of Technology - Netherlands

Elliot Nelson, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics - Canada

Emily Shouppe, MITRE Corporation - U.S.

Freya Casier, The Danish National Centre fro Social Research - Denmark

Gregory Britten, University of California, Irvine - U.S.

Hilje Doekes, Utrecht University - Netherlands

Horacio Marchand, Marchand Asociados - Mexico

Huang Tang, MITRE Corporation - U.S.

Hugo Barbosa, University of Rochester - U.S.

Jake Weissman, University of Maryland College Park - U.S.

Jeremy Farrell, Emory University - U.S.

Jingnuo Dong, Oklahoma State University - U.S.

Jiri Moravec, Massey University - New Zealand

Ximo Pechuan Jorge, Albert Einstein College of Medicine - U.S.

Jose Coronado, The New School for Social Research - U.S.

Junfu Zhao, University of Utah - U.S.

Katarina Mayer, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies - South Korea

Kayla Sale, University of Arizona - U.S.

Kyle Lemoi, MITRE Corporation - U.S.

Kyle Reing, University Of Southern California (USC) - U.S.

Laura Elsler, Stockholm Resilience Center - Sweden

Maartje Oostdijk, University of Iceland - Iceland

Madison Hart, University of Texas at Austin - U.S.

Makoto Jones, VA Salt Lake City HCS / University of Utah SOM - U.S.

Marco Pangallo, University of Oxford - U.K.

Mario Andrés Muñoz Acosta, Monash University - Australia

Marjan Fadavi Ardekani, New School for Social Research - U.S.

Mark Kirstein, TU Dresden - Germany

Markus Junginger, Porsche AG - Germany

Martina Balestra, New York University - U.S.

Meghan Galiardi, Sandia National Laboratories - U.S.

Nayely Velez-Cruz, Arizona State University - U.S.

Rachel Gicquelais, University of Michigan. Ann Arbor - U.S.

Ramona Roller, University of Amsterdam - Netherlands

Rémi Lamarque, Aix-Marseille Université - France

Sandro Lera, ETH Zurich - Switzerland

Sean Wu, University of California - Berkeley - U.S.

Shanee Stopnitzky, University of California - Santa Cruz - U.S.

Shing Zhan, University of British Columbia - Canada

Spencer Fox, University of Texas at Austin - U.S.

Stefan Bucher, New York University - U.S.

Stephen Leese, Deere and Company - U.S.

Surendra Hazarie, University of Rochester - U.S.

Tom Logan, University of Michigan - U.S.

Ulf Aslak Jensen, University of Copenhagen - Denmark

Uzay Çetin, Graduate of Boğaziçi University - Turkey

Valentina Bacetti, Macquarie University - Australia

Valérie Reijers, Radboud University Nijmegen - Netherlands

Victoria Sheng, University of Hong Kong - Hong Kong

Xinya He, John Deere - U.S.

Xue Guo, University of St Andrews - U.K.

Yael Gurevich, Tel Aviv University - Israel

Yao Liu, Northern Arizona University - U.S.

Yimin Zhou, Ministrey of National Development Centre for Liveable Cities - Singapore

Yuji Saikai, University of Wisconsin - Madison - U.S.

Zhiya Zuo, University of Iowa - U.S.

Test photo table:

Aaron Schwartz
Abdel Abdelgabar
Adrián Soto
Aida Huerta Barrientos
Alberto Micheletti
Alexandra Jurgens
Alicia Kraay
Alje van Dam
Anand Nair
Anastasiia Ignatova
Andrew Johnson
Basak Taraktas
Bleu Knight
Burcu Tepekule
Cigdem Yalcin