Complex Systems Summer School 2017-Lecture Slides

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Complex Systems Summer School 2017

Dave Feldman

Introduction to Complex Systems Summer School

Catriona Sissons

Introduction to Projects

Liz Bradley

Liz's ODE Notes

Lecture 1 Slides

Lecture 1 Tablet Screenshots

Lecture 2 slides

Lecture 2 Tablet Screenshots

Lecture 3 slides

Lecture 4 slides (preliminary)

Aaron Clauset

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4

Dan Larremore

Prestige Networks

Joshua Garland

Nonlinear Timeseries Analysis

Andreas Wagner

Evolution & Innovation

Jim Crutchfield

Lecture 1: Basics

Lecture 2: Complex Processes

Lecture 3: Intrinsic Computation

John Harte

Maximum Entropy

Eric Smith

Why Is There A Macro World?

Chemical Reaction Networks

Cris Moore

Phase Transitions


Melanie Moses

Robot Swarms!


Simon DeDeo

Readings and papers for Social Creativity; Social Minds and System Design. Check back for papers in July.

Seth Blumsack

The Power Grid and Complexity Science

Mirta Galesic

Collective Problem Solving

Cognitive Representations of Social Norms

Eric Henderson

Little Machines that Make Themselves

Constantino Tsallis

Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics

Cigdem Yalcin

Rainfall Statistics
Environmental Superstatistics