Complex Systems Summer School 2017-Final Papers

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Complex Systems Summer School 2017


Forecasting seasonal influenza in the United States using nonlinear time series analysis

Alicia Kraay, Rachel E. Gicquelais, Ramona Roller, Kyle Lemoi, Elaine M. Bochniewicz Spencer J. Fox - Forecasting seasonal influenza ...

It from Bit: cellular automata, driven ising model, and emergent computation

Chris Miles, Elliot Nelson, Kyle Reing, Shing H. Zhan, and Mark Kirstein - It from bit ...

Modeling and simulating the emergence of Internet communities: impact of the spread of memes and agent memory

Aida Huerta-Barrientos, Rémi Lamarque, Stephen Leese - Modeling and simulating emergence ...

Organic Urban Boundaries and Clusters – analyzing Singapore as an example

Yimin Zhou , Doheum Park , Sean Wu - Organic urban boundaries ...

Stability of Lotka-Volterra metacommunities on random dispersal networks

Yimin Zhou , Doheum Park , Sean Wu - The stability of L-V metacommunities ...

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