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Complex Systems Summer School 2016

CSSS participants come from a wide range of disciplines. Participants are encouraged to share their knowledge by organizing their own tutorials.

You can schedule your own tutorial here, they will be held in the ESL 215 study hall. Please do not schedule during other CSSS Lectures.

try to use this template:


Date & Time:
Motivation and content:

Introduction to Git

Speaker: Fabio
Date & Time: To be convened with interested participants
Motivation and content: An introduction to management and versioning of source code using the basic commands of the Git system. As your model grows, the source code becomes increasingly more complex and difficult to maintain. Git takes care of this workload by recording every change to your project files, helping you to try and experiment new model features in a safe way, tracking your model variants and versions, and implementing collaboration with your co-researchers. This tutorial will cover the basics of: commits, branches, merging, versioning, and collaboration.
Suggestions: You should have basic experience using text terminals. Please bring your own laptop. You are invited to open a free account on before coming to the tutorial. Please contact with any inquiries.

  • Moriah