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[[Sina Tafazoli]], Princeton University <br>
[[Sina Tafazoli]], Princeton University <br>
[[Syed Arefinul Haque]], Northeastern University <br>
[[Syed Arefinul Haque]], Northeastern University <br>
[[Tom Somodi]], Change Science Institute <br>
[[Tucker Ely]], Arizona State University <br>
[[Tucker Ely]], Arizona State University <br>
[[Ulya Bayram]], University of Cincinnati <br>
[[Ulya Bayram]], University of Cincinnati <br>

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Complex Systems Summer School 2016

To post a photo, bio, and answer the questions below please email them to

  • What are your main interests? Feel free to include a "pie in the sky" big idea!
  • What sort of expertise can you bring to the group?
  • What do you hope to get out of the CSSS?
  • Do you have any possible projects in mind for the CSSS?

here is a link to the 2016 CSSS Facebook Group

Participants Who Have Registered To Date

Abhishek Bhatia, IIT, Delhi
Abigail Devereaux, George Mason University
Aina Ollé Vila, Pompeu Fabra University - Barcelona
Alexander Brehm, Oxford University
Andrew Christian, NASA Langley Research Center
Andrew Mellor, University of Leeds
Anjali Tarun, University of the Philippines
Anne Sallaska, The MITRE Corporation
Asher Mullokandov, Boston University
Ben Zhu, Delft University of Technology
Brian Ferguson, US Navy
Catriona Sissons, University of Auckland - New Zealand
Charlotte James, The University of Bristol
Cheng Jin, Zhejiang University
Chenling Xu, University of California Berkeley
Christine Moore, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford
Christopher Revell, University of Cambridge - UK
Daniel Biro, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Danilo Liuzzi, University of Milan, Milan, Italy
Devrim Ikizler, Magee and Magee - Austin TX
Dmitry Alexeev, niifhm Moscow Institute of science and technology
Donovan Platt, University of the Witwatersrand
Ellen D. Badgley, The MITRE Corporation
Emanuele Crosato, University of Sydney
Evelyn Strombom, University of Minnesota
Fabio Correa, University of Maryland - College Park
Frank Marrs, Colorado State University
Gaetano Dato, University of Trieste, Italy
Hamza Giaffar, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Harrison B. Smith, Arizona State University
Jacob Hunter, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
James R. Thompson, The MITRE Corporation
Jeffrey Emenheiser, University of California Davis
Jesus Arroyo, University of Michigan
Jesus Mario Serna, Université Paris 7, Denis-Diderot, Sorbonne-Cité
Joris Broere, Utrecht University
Julia Adams, Wellesley College
Juste Raimbault, Université Paris 7
Justin Williams, University of North Texas
Kelly Finn, University of California Davis
Lars Hubatsch, The Francis Crick Institute
Lauren Ponisio, University of California Berkeley
Lin-Qing Chen, Perimeter Institute
Lindsay Todman, Rothamsted Research
Lorraine Sugar, University of Toronto
Lu Liu, College of Information Science and Technology, Penn State University
Marcus Nordström, Royal Institute of Technology
Marilia Palumbo Gaiarsa, Universidade de Sao Paulo
Marius Somveille, University of Oxford
Mark McCann, University of Glasgow
Marla Stuart, University of California, Berkeley
Matteo Morini, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENSL)
Michael Schaub, Université catholique de Louvain
Mika Straka, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca - Italy
Moriah Echlin, University of Washington
Nai Seng Wong, Monetary Authority of Singapore
Nicole M Beckage, University of Colorado Boulder/ University of Kansas
Nuole (Lula) Chen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Pavel Senin, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Philip Pika, University of Bristol – UK
Pinar Ozisik, UMass Amherst
Rana Azghandi, Northeastern University
Ross Buhrdorf, SFI Trustee
Rudi Minxha, TruMid Financial
Ruichen Sun, University of California, San Diego
Ryan McGee, University of Washington
Salva Duran, Pompeu Fabra University – Spain
Santiago Guisasola, University of California, Irvine
Scott Armstrong, Cardiff University
Simon Carrignon, Barcelona Supercomputing Center - Spain
Sina Tafazoli, Princeton University
Syed Arefinul Haque, Northeastern University
Tucker Ely, Arizona State University
Ulya Bayram, University of Cincinnati
Usama Bilal, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Victoria Mellor, Al Wajh Female College
William L Hamilton, Stanford University
William Lee, The MITRE Corporation
William Leibzon, University of California, Irvine
Xiao (Thomas) Zhang, University of Michigan
Xiongrui (John) Xu, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC)
Yizhi (Elise) Jing, Indiana University Bloomington