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Complex Systems Summer School 2016

June 18, Taos!

JP wants to take a trip up to Taos & Ojo Caliente. Come see small mountain towns, interesting geology, and maybe a stop at Ojo Caliente Hot Springs on our return.

Current plan will be to meet up in the parking circle at St. John's at 10:00am on Saturday morning. We'll then head up through the High Road to Taos and see some nice old towns, then lunch in Taos, see the Rio Grande Gorge, go to art museums,. On the way back, if some people feel like it, we can stop at Ojo Caliente Hot Springs.

JP's Cool Hatchback GTI

  1. JP
  2. Ellen
  3. Nicole
  4. Moriah
  5. Usama

Santiago's K00L Rental (5 seats)

  1. Santiago
  2. Jelena
  3. Christine
  4. Gaetano
  5. Chenling

Devrim's car

  1. Devrim
  2. Salva
  3. Simon
  4. Pinar
  5. Ulya

JP's Other Car

  1. Lin-Qing (driving)

Interested in renting cars

A full-sized car can be rented by 5 people at USD $10.72 per person. Contact for all the details.

Question: do passenger split the cost of rental and gas/insurance .etc?
Answer: Yes. Unless you're feeling exceptionally generous. -JP

Please specify whether you would like to drive, the kind of insurance you have, and whether you would like to use the car to go to more places as a group.

  1. Fabio: I will drive; I have a Maryland driver's license and an auto rental collision damage waiver with my Visa credit card.
  2. Xiao (Thomas) Zhang: MI diver license. I am happy to drive if needed but unfortunately I don't have a rental insurance.
  3. Nicole (I can give up my seat above if we need a driver, CO drivers license, insured. but I would rather not drive unless needed)
  4. Ben, I don't have a licence.
  5. Lu Liu:PA driver license, not specific insurance. I can drive if needed.
  6. Sina: NJ driver license, I am happy to drive but I don't have a rental insurance
  7. Jesus Mario : MX drivers license, no rental insurance

Still need a ride

  1. Sina: NJ driver license, I am happy to drive but I don't have a rental insurance
  2. Jesus Mario : MX drivers license, no rental insurance
  3. Ruichen
  4. Jacob
  5. Rudi
  6. Lu
  7. Ben
  8. Sina
  9. Catriona
  10. Marius
  11. Anjali
  12. Rana
  13. Danilo
  14. Ryan (willing to split rental car)

July 1 Opera

The Santa Fe Opera season starts July 1 with Puccini's 1910 La Fanciulla del West -- a gold rush era drama set in the American West, called a "lyrical poem" by a Toscanini, and starring Minnie, a saloon owner who becomes the outlaw protagonists's love interest.

Seems like the perfect opera to see while we are in Santa Fe! It's common at the Santa Fe Opera to tailgate first -- which we can do with a quick trip to Whole Foods on our way.

If you're interested in going, sign up here. In a day or two we'll work on getting tickets together. Ticket prices seem to range from about $37 to over $300.


Marla or Abigail

Sign up here

  • Nicole! (thanks so much for organizing this. It sounds amazing!)
  • Ryan

June 17, Out on the town in Santa Fe

Is anyone interested in going out in Santa Fe after our first visit to the Santa Fe Institute? Drivers would be nice, but I was thinking we could uber there/back if people (understandably) don't want to DD

Open to suggestions for location


  1. Ellen
  2. JP
  3. Dan Biro
  4. Ruichen
  5. Moriah
  6. Lorraine
  7. Michael
  8. Rana
  9. Ryan

<!*We'll be bussing folks back from SFI on Friday after our BBQ and can drop at some location in town -JP*!>

- Hey JP, any recommendation for good hangouts? I know folks have gone to Second Street but I've heard margaritas at the Shed are good (that's more of a restaurant, though, IIRC). - Ellen

Second Street, Draft Station, Thunderbird, Secreto are all pretty cool hangouts. There's also the Violet Crown movie theater with a *huge* beer selection and nice open space down in the Railyard. -JP

June 23, 6:00pm - Rodeo de Santa Fe

Come on down for the 67th annual Rodeo de Santa Fe! Watch real-life cowboys get thrown off of various species of raging livestock for their competition and your entertainment. Starts at 7:00pm, we should leave SJC about 6:00.
Interested: Juni, JP, Ellen


Juni's Car

1. Catriona
2. Evelyn Strombom
3. Usama

JP's Totally Cool VW GTI (5 seats)
2.Christine Moore
5. Lorraine

JP's Almost-as-cool Toyota 4Runner(5 seats)
1.<Gaetano - Awesome to drive it!>
2. Nai Seng
3. Lindsay
4. Ben Zhu

Biking (~ 8 miles downhill on the way)
1. Nicole (if others come)
3.Thomas (if there's a bike rental....)

Devrim's car (total 5 seats, I won't be driving (biking) but can lend my car to someone, contact me (5 seats)
1. Ruichen (I can drive:-)!)
2. Anjali 3. Jesus MArio

Still Needs a Ride
1. Ellen (MITREmobile might be available)
2. 3. Moriah Echlin
4. Rana

June 24 @ 5:00pm - 1:00am Meow Wolf expedition: House of Eternal Return exposition and Concert at night: Nosaj Thing & Lucky Dragons

Apparently a mindblowing non-linear interactive exposition in the day and awesome concert at night, so we can do both in one go ; )

You can check the info for the exposition here: and the concert here:

Car volunteers welcome, otherwise we would just share and Uber, taxi or just take a lovely walk and watch the New Mexican nightsky (you know, just in case we suddenly find that there are double the stars in our view ;) Note: not free, expo is 18 and concert is 25, but I predict they are surely worth it!


Jesus Mario

Sign up here

June 25, 10:00am - Bandelier Field Trip

We're taking a trip to Bandelier National Monument on Saturday June 25th. Please visit the Bandelier Field Trip Page to sign up!

Other Ideas

  • Rodeo de Santa Fe, June 22-25th
  • Currents New Media Festival, Weekends in the Railyard
  • Santa Fe Lavender Festival, June 18-19
  • Santa Fe Opera!! options: 8:30pm start Fri July 1, Wed July 6 La Fanciuall del West (Puccini); Sat July 2 Don Giovanni
  • 4th of July on Santa Fe Plaza

July 2 - July 4: Carlsbad Cavern and Whitesand National Monument trip

  • Organizer: Ruichen: I have reserved a SUV from Enterprise for this trip (5 seats including driver). Cost will be split among everyone who participates:-) I have a California driver's license. I would like to stay at Airbnb or hostel/affordable hotel for both nights, since it is fairly close to the US/Mexico border and may not be safe to wander in the wild at night..

Please sign up below. If you can drive, that would be a plus! (Ideally, it would be good to have at least 2-3 persons who can drive in such a multi-day road trip)

  • Nicole: I am really interested in this and would be willing to help organize.
  • Ryan (I have license and insurance)

Jun 25 - Jun 26: Bisti Badland overnight trip

  • Ruichen (Organizer): I have reserved one SUV for this overnight trip (seats 5, including driver).

Camping is an option, but I do not have any gear. And there is no designated campsite in the park (no water in the entire park/supplies.etc). I am thinking that maybe we can stay at Farmington, the closest town, and commute in and out the park. Cost will be split among everyone who participates:-) I have a California driver's license.

Please sign up below. If you can drive, that would be a plus! (Ideally, it would be good to have at least 2-3 drivers in such a multi-day road trip)

  • Lula - I'm interested and am happy to drive.