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# Usama
# Usama

===Interested in contributing to a car rental===
===Interested in renting a car together===
# [[Fabio Correa|Fabio]]
# [[Fabio Correa|Fabio]]

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Complex Systems Summer School 2016

June 18, Taos!

JP wants to take a trip up to Taos & Ojo Caliente. Come see small mountain towns, interesting geology, and maybe a stop at Ojo Caliente Hot Springs on our return.

JP's Cool Hatchback GTI

  1. JP
  2. Ellen
  3. Nicole
  4. Moriah
  5. Usama

Interested in renting a car together

  1. Fabio

Still need a ride

  1. Ruichen
  2. Jacob
  3. Gaetano
  4. Rudi
  5. Jelena
  6. Lu
  7. Ben
  8. Chenling
  9. Sina
  10. Catriona
  11. Lin-Qing

June 23, 6:00pm - Rodeo de Santa Fe

Come on down for the 67th annual Rodeo de Santa Fe! Watch real-life cowboys get thrown off of various species of raging livestock for their competition and your entertainment. Starts at 7:00pm, we should leave SJC about 6:00.
Interested: Juni, JP, Ellen


Juni's Car

1. Nicole Beckage
2. Evelyn Strombom
3. Usama

JP's Totally Cool VW GTI (5 seats)
2.Christine Moore
5. Lorraine

JP's Almost-as-cool Toyota 4Runner(5 seats)
1.<Gaetano - Awesome to drive it!>
2. Nai Seng
3. Lindsay
4. Ben Zhu

Biking (~ 8 miles downhill on the way)
1. Nicole (if others come)

Still Needs a Ride

June 25, 10:00am - Bandelier Field Trip

We're taking a trip to Bandelier National Monument on Saturday June 25th. Please visit the Bandelier Field Trip Page to sign up!

Other Ideas

  • Rodeo de Santa Fe, June 22-25th
  • Currents New Media Festival, Weekends in the Railyard
  • Santa Fe Lavender Festival, June 18-19
  • Santa Fe Opera!! options: 8:30pm start Fri July 1, Wed July 6 La Fanciuall del West (Puccini); Sat July 2 Don Giovanni
  • 4th of July on Santa Fe Plaza
  • July 2 - July 3: Carlsbad Cavern and Whitesand National Monument trip (Organizer: Ruichen)
  • Jun 25 - Jun 26: Bisti Badland overnight trip (Organizer: Ruichen)