Complex Systems Summer School 2015-Tutorials

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Complex Systems Summer School 2015

CSSS participants come from a wide range of disciplines. Participants are encouraged to share their knowledge by organizing their own tutorials.

You can schedule your own tutorial here, they will be held in the ESL study hall. Please do not schedule during other CSSS Lectures.

try to use this template:

Tutorial: Skilled action, complex systems science and the Free Energy Principle

Speaker: Jelle Bruineberg
Date & Time: June 11th, 20:00
Motivation and content: Quite some people seemed to be interested in the "Variational Approaches to Mind and Life" project that we are trying to get of the ground. Apart from this, some people were curious how philosophy relates to complex systems science. I would like to present my own work on skilled action and relate it to complex systems science. After this, I will sketch how the Free Energy Principle (the principle to be studied in the Variational Approaches to Mind and Life group) relates to this work. This is the point, where, I hope, the presentation part will stop and the brainstorm/discussion session will take over.
Prerequisite: Being open to a bit of philosophy :)
Slides: will follow
Paper: [1]