Complex Systems Summer School 2015-TShirts

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Complex Systems Summer School 2015

Every year we have a T-shirt design contest, where CSSS Students create designs (relevant to the summer school) and during the end of the second week we vote on the one we will print and distribute to the cohort. Please post your T-shirt design below. The design will be printed on a single colored T-shirt (keep in mind which color T-shirt you would like to print on while planning your design). The print that will go on the T-shirt is limited to a two color back and a one color front.

If anybody would like a high resolution SFI logo, please see JP.

Strangely attracted to the future... (DAF)

Concept piece : Since the ancient Past, our societies/minds have been drawn to sterotyped attractor states (anti-egalitarianism and theoretical violence, respectively). With the help of the momentum generated by our transient at CSSS, we can escape the fallacies of the past - and explore the great beyond of the Future.

This image feels like it would do well on the back of the shirt, paired with a simple/tasteful SFI logo on the front.

Or, this image could be on the front, and the back would have a SFI logo, and some text, for example:

"Strangely attracted to the future..."

"Isn't life strange..."

Edits/suggestions/refunds gladly accepted IRL or via email.

SFI Attractor Concept (Brent)

Comment: what if you slice the image of the world right down Sri Lanka, and past the right third onto the left side? Then the arcs will align with SFI at the epicenter.

Great Circle Arcs to the SFI Attractor. Arcs terminate at SFI and at participant's institution's address as determined by Google's Maps API.

Investigating how to move SFI to horizontal center (so as to not break arcs on date line, but I kinda like the fact that something "weird" is going on on the right side of the front image). This data drives the visual. The "location" column came from the wiki (but may been edited) - that column is fed to the Maps API to get the address and longitude and latitude. If you need to update, change the location column to something that Google will resolve to what you want as your address and I'll re-generate.

Dragons Concept (Richard)


Front (with Mandelbrot fractal and Game of Life glider spears)

Higher resolution


Idea here is to take the aesthetic of flocking models in Netlogo and put it on a shirt. Flock could even flowing around the SFI logo on the front.

Here's a sketch-up. Might need a little bit of refinement.

Logo optional. I sort of like it on the arm myself.



Or maybe white?

Evolution finds a way (The flower on the image is a phlox triovulata. You will find them all over campus!)

by Tobias

Butterfly and chaos (Kleber)

So, as you must've heard ... a butterfly flaps its wings in one side of the world and causes a tornado on the other side.



Friday night in Santa Fe

Swipe Right for Science (Harvey, Ariel dorm & Gus)




Symmetry by pencil