Complex Systems Summer School 2015-TShirts

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Complex Systems Summer School 2015

Every year we have a T-shirt design contest, where CSSS Students create designs (relevant to the summer school) and during the end of the second week we vote on the one we will print and distribute to the cohort. Please post your T-shirt design below. The design will be printed on a single colored T-shirt (keep in mind which color T-shirt you would like to print on while planning your design). The print that will go on the T-shirt is limited to a two color back and a one color front.

SFI Attractor Concept

Great Circle Arcs to the SFI Attractor

Students-front-600x400.png Students-back-600x400.png

Investigating how to move SFI to horizontal center (so as to not break arcs on date line). Arcs terminate at SFI and originate at participant's institution's address as determined by Google's Maps API. We'll want to give everyone a chance to edit that before final artwork.

Dragons Concept (Richard)


Need to find a cunning way to render the logistic map in black and white, instead of grayscale, and spill a dragon out of it.