Complex Systems Summer School 2015-Faculty Publications

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Complex Systems Summer School 2015

Sander Bais

In Praise of Science
The Equations: Icons of Knowledge

W. Brian Arthur

The End of Certainty in Economics
Complexity Economics: A Different Framework for Economic Thought
All Systems will be Gamed:Exploitive Behavior in Economic and Social Systems

Andrew Berdahl

Emergent Sensing of Complex Environments by Mobile Animal Groups
Signaling and the Evolution of Cooperative Foraging in Dynamic Environments

Rob Boyd

The Cultural Niche: Why Social Learning is Essential for Human Adaptation
Punishment Sustains Large-scale Cooperation in Prestate Warfare

Liz Bradley

Determinism, Complexity and Predictability in Computer Performance
On the Importance of Nonlinear Modeling in Computer Performance

Jim Crutchfield

Stability and Diversity in Collective Adaptation
The Dreams of Theory
Objects That Make Objects: The Population Dynamics of Structural Complexity

Simon DeDeo

Human Societies
The civilizing process in London’s Old Bailey
Group Minds and the Case of Wikipedia
Dynamical Structure of a Traditional Amazonian Social Network (see also Informal Summary.)
Collective phenomena and non-finite state computation in a human social system
Animal Societies
Evidence of strategic periodicities in collective conflict dynamics
Inductive game theory and the dynamics of animal conflict
Some Theory
Information Theory for Intelligent People
Effective theories for circuits and automata

J. Doyne Farmer

An Explanation of Universality in Growth Fluctuations
The Virtues and Vices of Equilibrium and the Future of Financial Economics
Heterogeneity, Correlations and Financial Contagion

Vanessa Ferdinand

The Origins of Regularity in Language: Why Coordination Matters
Regularization Behavior in a Non-linguistic Domain

Walter Fontana

Curvature in Metabolic Scaling
The Barrier of Objects: From Dynamical Systems to Bounded Organizations
Crosstalk and Competition in Signaling Networks

Stephanie Forrest

Computation in the Wild
Scaling Theory for Information Networks
The Ecology of Modern Malware

Mirta Galesic

Social Learning in Complex Networks
Social Sampling Explains Apparent Biases in Judgments of Social Environments

Josh Garland

Determinism, Complexity and Predictability in Computer Performance
On the Importance of Nonlinear Modeling in Computer Performance

Stephen Guerrin

Emergence of Constraint in Self-Organizing Systems
Using Computer Games to Simulate Real-World Complex Problems

Josh Grochow

Circuit Complexity, Proof Complexity and Polynomial Identity Testing

John Harte

How Information Theory Could Hold the Key to Quantifying Nature
Biodiversity Scales from Plots to Biomes with a Universal Species-Area Curve
Understanding the Global Environmental Crisis

Alfred Hubler

Order and Disorder in Open Systems
Famous Alligator Wrestling Video

Yoav Kallus

Jammed Lattice Sphere Packing
Pessimal Packing Shapes

David Krakauer

The Challenges and Scopes of Theoretic Biology
Evidences of Strategic Periodicities in Collective Conflict Dynamics

Michael Lachmann

Evolutionary Game Theory
The Physical Limits of Communication Genome Sequence of a 45,000-Year-Old Modern Human from Western Siberia

Cris Moore

The Power of Choice in Network Growth
Scalable Detection of Statistically Significant Communities and Hierarchies: Message-passing for Modularity
Majority-vote Cellular Automata, Ising Dynamics and P-Completeness

Mark Newman

Small World is a Modern Phenomenon
The Structure of Scientific Collaboration Networks
Hierarchical Structure and the Prediction of Missing Links in Networks

Sid Redner

Slow Death by Many Mosquito Bites
On the Structure of Competitive Societies
A Guide to first-Passage Processes

Sam Scarpino

Fighting Ebola with Math

Cosma Shalizi

Scaling and Hierarchy in Urban Economies
Quantifying Self-Organization with Optimal Predictors
Cosma's Notebook

Somdatta Sinha

Measuring Collective Behavior of Multicellular Ensembles: Role of Space-Time Scales
Video Interview

Caitlin Stern

Not Just a Theory: The Utility of Mathematical Models in Evolutionary Biology
Thieves with Benefits

Geoffrey West

Life's Universal Scaling Laws
Growth, Innovation, Scaling and the Pace of Life in Cities

Justin Yeakel