Complex Systems Summer School 2015-After Hours

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Complex Systems Summer School 2015


  • Contra Dancing, 1st & 3rd Sat. Albuquerque Square Dance Center. Details
    • Interested individuals: Richard Barnes
  • Contra Dancing, 2nd & 4th Sat. Santa Fe Odd Fellow's Hall. Details
    • Interested individuals: Richard Barnes

June 20, 10:00am - Bandelier Field Trip

We're taking a trip to Bandelier National Monument on Saturday June 20th. Please visit the Bandelier Field Trip Page to sign up!

June 25 Rodeo de Santa Fe

Thursday, June 25!

Come on down for the 66th annual Rodeo de Santa Fe! Watch real-life cowboys get thrown off of various species of raging livestock for their competition and your entertainment. Starts at 7:00pm, we should leave SJC about 6:00.

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