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after the tutorial at the field!
after the tutorial at the field!

1. Sharonp<br>
1. Sharon<br>
2. <br>
2. <br>
3. <br>
3. <br>

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Complex Systems Summer School 2015

Monday, June 22: Pop-Up Dumplings!

JP's Car

Friday, June 19: Summer Sessions Techno Hoedown

So a friend of mine is hosting a "techno hoedown" at his ranch north of town. Promised music, hay bales, and some good fun.

Interested? Sign up here Summer Sessions 2015

Federico (in Carolina's car!)


St. John's College hosts a concert series on the college's athletic field every Wednesday evening from 6 to 8 p.m. These concerts are free and food/sodas are available to purchase.

Anyday.. everyday??

"Undefeated" Fuego baseball team plays at 6 everyday at Fort Marcy Field. Games are 6 dollars, beer is available in excess. Schedule is here

We have two dates we will organize for the time being.

Tuesday, 6/16


1. Matt O

Saturday, 6/20



CSSS Dance June 20

Playlist submissions for Dance

Soccer enthusiasts

Soccer on Tuesday!
after the tutorial at the field!

1. Sharon


Golden State
1. Federico
2. Connor
3. ...
1. Matthew "King James"
2. ...
3. ...

FYI ran into some breadloafers who said they're going to play Mondays. We should gather a crew to defeat them.

Morning Yoga

We meet at the gym at 7, there is an open space we can use. Bring a towel or a yoga mat, if you have it. Rotating leading turns, feel free to share your favourite yoga position!

Mon-Thu 1 hour Fri 45 min (because of the shuttle to SFI)


Carolina (M,W,F)


  • Contra Dancing, 1st & 3rd Sat. Albuquerque Square Dance Center. Details
    • Interested individuals: Richard Barnes
  • Contra Dancing, 2nd & 4th Sat. Santa Fe Odd Fellow's Hall. Details
    • Interested individuals: Richard Barnes

Amma in Santa Fe – June 20, 2015. Free Morning Program 10am–approx. 3pm 8:00am: The token line opens. To ensure everyone has an equal chance of getting an early token, please refrain from forming a line until then. 8:30am: Tokens are handed out and guests are escorted to seats. 10:00am: Amma enters the hall and conducts a short meditation. 10:30am: Amma begins to embrace those who have come. 12:30pm: Lunch is served until thirty minutes after Amma leaves the hall. About morning programs ›

EVERYONE IS WELCOME To meet Amma, you will need a token which is issued on a first-come-first-served basis. Tokens are limited, so please arrive early.

Location: Buffalo Thunder Resort 30 Buffalo Thunder Trail
 Santa Fe, NM 87506 United States Hotel: 877.848.6337

Meeting time: Since we take 45 min to arrive the Resort, we should plan to leave at 7:15 AM. Interested: 1. Nilton

June 20, 10:00am - Bandelier Field Trip

We're taking a trip to Bandelier National Monument on Saturday June 20th. Please visit the Bandelier Field Trip Page to sign up!

June 25 Rodeo de Santa Fe

Thursday, June 25!

Come on down for the 66th annual Rodeo de Santa Fe! Watch real-life cowboys get thrown off of various species of raging livestock for their competition and your entertainment. Starts at 7:00pm, we should leave SJC about 6:00.

Juni's Car
1. Juni
2. María Pereda
3. Sara Lumbreras
4. Sahil Garg
5. Federico Battiston

JP's Ferrari (5 seats)
2. Jakub Rojcek
3. Glenn Magerman
4. Dan Hedblom
5. Yared Abebe

JP's Lamborghini (5 seats)
1. <driver needed>
2. Junming Huang
3. Danqing Liu
4. Martina Steffen
5. Song Binyang

Christine's Jeep (5 seats)
1. Christine
2. Vanessa
3. Sola
4. Melissa
5. Masa

Sam's Car (5 seats total)
1. Sam
2. Matthew H
3. Emilia
4. Tirtha
5. Alice

Sharon's Car (5 seats)
1. Sharon
2. Stefano
3. Tolga
4. Laurence
5. Penny Mealy

Joshua's Car (5 seats)
1. Joshua
2. Chao Fan
3. Haitao Shang
4. Susanne
5. Tirtha

Laura's Car (5 seats)
1. Laura

Needs a ride

2. Kleber Neves
3. Richard Barnes
6. Jae B. Cho
7. Alejandro
9. Matt O
11. Jean-Gab
12. Andre
13. Daniel Citron
14. Andy
15. Nilton Cardoso

Grand Canyon Trip , June 26 - June 28

There is a small group heading to the Grand Canyon the last weekend (leaving Jun26 afternoon, returning Jun28). We will be renting a car, the drive is about 6.5 hours. Anyone interested in joining please contact Juan or Nilton.
1. Sahil Garg