Complex Systems Summer School 2014-Lecture Slides

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Complex Systems Summer School 2014

Sander Bais

Symmetry Breaking & Introduction

Ben Althouse

Using Modeling to Understand Infectious Disease Dynamics

Ruben Andrist


W. Brian Arthur

Complexity Economics: A Different Framework for Economic Thought

Nix Barnett

Complexity Lab Supplemental Material:
20-week course "Natural Computation" by Jim Crutchfield. Dynamical systems, information theory of stochastic processes, epsilon-machines, computational mechanics. Lecture slides and videos of each lecture are included. First few lectures highly suggested at minimum.
Regularities Unseen, Randomness Observed. Seminal paper on block entropy, entropy rate, and excess entropy.
Between Order and Chaos. Nature article on complexity measures and computational mechanics.
Seminal paper on epsilon-machines and their optimality.
Bayesian Structural Inference for Hidden Processes. Paper on Bayesian inference of epsilon-machines.
If you'd like some more specific papers on other inference algorithms, or more advanced concepts such as causal irreversibility or b_\mu, let me know and I'll add them. -Nix

Luis Bettencourt

Bettencourt Slides

Liz Bradley

Nonlinear Dynamics

Aaron Clauset

Networks and Human Social Dynamics and Online Competition

Simon DeDeo

Statistical Inference and Stochastic Processes

Jennifer Dunne

Ecological Networks

J. Doyne Farmer


Evandro Ferrada

Ferrada Lecture

John Harte

The maximum entropy method of inference and its application to ecology

Ryan Gregory James


Anne Kandler

Matching Models with Data

Jure Leskovec

Machine Learning

Melanie Mitchell

Introduction to Complexity and Agent Based Modeling

Cris Moore


Scott Ortman

Urban Scaling and Social Complexity

Sam Scarpino

The Evolution of Antiviral Resistance

Sidney Redner

Complex Networks

Cosma Shalizi

Statistics and Machine Learning

Lecture Slides:

CSSS Talk 1
CSSS Talk 2
CSSS Talk 3

From His Classes:

Andreas Wagner

Evolution and Genotype Networks

Geoffrey West

A Unifying Framework for the Dynamics and Structure of Organisms, Ecosystems, Cities and Companies; from Metabolism, Growth and Mortality to Cancer and Sleep