Complex Systems Summer School 2012-Faculty

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Complex Systems Summer School 2012

Lecturers and Faculty

Brian Arthur, Innovation in Technology

Sander Bais, Program Director

Jenna Bednar, Social Dynamics

Tanmoy Bhattacharya, Infectious Disease

Elhanan Borenstein

Rogier Braakman, Origins of Life

Liz Bradley, Nonlinear Dynamics

Jim Crutchfield, Complexity

Simon DeDeo, The Natural History of Computation

Doug Erwin, Innovation in Technology

Evandro Ferrada, Genotype-Phenotype Maps

Jessica Flack, Resilience and Robustness

Stephanie Forrest, Computation

Laura Fortunato, Cultural Evolution

Garland, Nonlinear Dynamics

Stephen Guerin, Agent-based Modeling

John Harte, Theoretical Ecology

Dan Hruschka, Deprivation, Abundance and Obesity: testing hypotheses for the global increase in body fat.

Alfred Hubler, Physics Lab

Ryan James, Complexity

Anne Kandler, Language Shift

Andrew Lovato, Introduction to Santa Fe

Melanie Mitchell, Biologically Inspired Computing

Cris Moore, Computation

Mark Newman, Networks

Ole Peters, Non-Ergodic Economics

John Rundle, Modeling catastrophic events: From earthquakes to markets

Paula Sabloff, Anthropology

Jeremy Van Cleve, Biology

Geoffrey West, Searching for Simplicity and Unity in the Complexity of Life: Cells to Cities, Companies to Ecosystems, Milliseconds to Millennia


Juniper Lovato, Santa Fe Institute

Ginger Richardson, Santa Fe Institute

John Paul Gonzales, Santa Fe Institute

Tom Carter, California State University