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5. Zoe Hamstead
5. Zoe Hamstead

<b> People who need rides </b>
<b> People who need rides </b>

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Complex Systems Summer School 2011

Use this space to organize your own after hours activities.

Bandelier Field Trip

JP would like to set up a trip to Bandelier National Monument on Sat. June 18. We might string a visit to the Valles Caldera and Bradbury Science Museum/Los Alamos in as well.

From Stefani: I know the head archaeologist at Bandelier. I'll see if I can get him or his assistant to give us a brief talk.

Bandelier Trip Sign Up.

Car 1: JP's Camry (4 5 seats)
1. John Paul Gonzales
2. Nini Zhang
3. Raghav Chawla
4. Miles Townes
5. (Overload)

Car 2: Stefani's Mazda:
1. Stefani Crabtree
2. Fran Moore
3. Cristina Metgher
4. Nicolas Paez
5. Zoe Hamstead THIS CAR IS FULL

People who need rides

1. Shweta Singh
2. Ed Reznik
3. David Borenstein Can rent a car
4. Erik Edlund
5. Antoine Allard
6. Michael Sachs
7. Evelien van der Hurk Can rent a car
8. Anna Deluca

9. Eugenia Polizzi

Soccer, Monday 13 June at 7 PM?

(I saw this from Victor on the CSSS FB wall)

"Who's down for soccer this Monday evening, at 7? Rsvp w/a comment If you have a ball, bring it--and let us know in your rsvp I think it makes sense if those of us who want to play meet up at the drop-off circle and then walk down to the athletic field cheers V"

Yo La Tengo in Santa Fe, 17 June

For anyone interested, they're playing in town.

Taos Earthships, Rio Grande Gorge, High Country

Taos is a small town about 60 miles North of Santa Fe. It's known for the Taos Indian Pueblo, an artist colony, skiing, and the Taos Earthships. Depending on who's interested, we could stop by some wineries on the way up/down. The drive up alone is worth it.

Please add your car and seats if you have one

Car 1: JP's Camry (4 seats)
1. JP
2. Nini
3. Raghav
4. Stefani
5. David B

Car 2: Chris's Versa
1. Nicolas Paez
2.Ed Reznik
3. Evelien van der Hurk

People who need rides:

Community Lecture, 1930, 29 June

From Democratic Consensus to Cannibalistic Hordes: The Principles of Collective Animal Behavior[1]
Presented by Iain Couzin (Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University)

Anyone interested? - Nini

Yep, we have a shuttle already scheduled and seats reserved. No need to worry about transportation. -JP

Los Alamos

Los Alamos National Labs

From website: "Los Alamos National Laboratory is a premier national security research institution, delivering scientific and engineering solutions for the nation's most crucial and complex problems. Our primary responsibility is ensuring the safety, security, and reliability of the nation's nuclear deterrent. The Los Alamos of today emphasizes worker safety, effective operational safeguards & security, and environmental stewardship, while outstanding science remains the foundation of the Laboratory. In addition to supporting the Lab's core national security mission, our work advances bioscience, chemistry, computer science, earth and environmental sciences, materials science, and physics disciplines."

Check it out at

I'd like to go, and I can rent a car if there's an interested group. -Clio

I'd like to go too! -Raghav

count me in! -ryan j

NRAO Very Large Array

National Radio Astronomy Observatory - Very Large Array

Its a bit of a hike... about a 3 hour drive... but should be totally worth it. Perhaps we could do this and los alamos together on the same day. -Raghav

Heres the description from the website(

The Very Large Array, one of the world's premier astronomical radio observatories, consists of 27 radio antennas in a Y-shaped configuration on the Plains of San Agustin fifty miles west of Socorro, New Mexico. Each antenna is 25 meters (82 feet) in diameter. The data from the antennas is combined electronically to give the resolution of an antenna 36km (22 miles) across, with the sensitivity of a dish 130 meters (422 feet) in diameter.

I'd love to go and would be willing to rent a car and drive. Unfortunately Los Alamos is in a different direction (NW) than VLA by quite a lot. I suggest looking above for other trips in planning for Los Alamos.

Mind signing up to indicate interest?
1. Nini - Can rent a car
2. Chris G - Have a car, but all depends on when we go...

Backpacking in the Pecos Wilderness

I've been planning a full-weekend backpacking trip with a local friend of mine. We'd probably camp Friday night at the trailhead (or his parents cabin) to get an early start, set up camp, then do a lighter hike to summit Las Truchas, the second highest peak in NM. We'd return on Sunday. At a minimum, you'd need a backpack and sleeping bag. We might be able to rustle up other gear. Cars shouldn't be an issue.

1. Chris G.
2. Kameron (interested)


Anyone want to go swimming with me (Ed)? There's a pool about 2 miles away that's open till 8:30, was thinking of walking down after class.

Count me in for the drowning. When? - Nini

Ten Thousand Waves

They say it's a "must-do" while here. Just put your name down here if interested. (Cristina M.)

Website: Price list:

After summerschool

I (Evelien van der Hurk) have got a couple of days after the summer school, and am (kind of) planning to drive around to Mesa Verde, Monument Valley, and if there is time: sky highway/Silverton. Is supposed to be pretty amazing. I will arrange to be 'back' on wednesday 6 july at 14:00h at Albuquerque airport, or before that - leaving at least 4 days for traveling, when leaving on Saturday. So, if anyone is interested to join me to drive around (I will need to rent a car), let me know (ehurk at rsm dot nl). Some links to pictures are below.

Monument Valley 1

Monument Valley 2

[ Mesa Verde]

And just google fot pictures at google : 'million dollar highway colorado'


Ok, look. I (Ed) like frisbee. By virtue of being into science, you people must at some level also like frisbee. So, let's play frisbee. There are lots of ways to do this: 1) Throwing 2) Throwing with our arms tucked in like T-Rex's 3) Imbibing beverages and throwing 4) Spinning the disc on our fingers (ooo fancy) and then throwing it 5) Playing cower (ask me for details)

Who has a disc?

Other Options

I'd like to spend an evening star-gazing - maybe try to get far enough out of town to avoid major light pollution. The next new moon is July 1st, so we might look to do it towards the end of the program. - Miles

Rafting down the Rio Grande Box.

Music on the Hill Concert Series (at St. John's)

Great Sand Dunes (in Colorado)

Sandia Peak Tram (in Albuquerque)

Rodeo de Santa Fe

Ojo Caliente hot springs Field Trip

Chaco Canyon

Soak in the Hot Springs at Pagosa Springs, CO

Completed Events

SF Complex

We're planning a trip to the Santa Fe Complex on Friday June 10 towards the evening.

UPDATE: We'll be making it an official trip. Shuttles will arrive at SJC 10 June at 6:00(18:00), return 8:00 (20:00).