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* Vikas Shah
* Vikas Shah
Nathan Menke

==Questions to answer==
==Questions to answer==

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Hi everyone, this is a project related to modeling cardiac tissue with the aim of attempting to understand the conditions under which pathological arrhythmias are evoked. These would include ventricular fibrillation and/or torsades de pointes. Specifically, it would be interesting to look at the the systemic effect of modulating myocyte function by altering specific ion channel parameters, though it would also be interesting to model the effects of myocardial infarction (dead/dying tissue in the heart due to heart attack).

Who's interested (add your name!)

  • Vikas Shah

Nathan Menke

Questions to answer

  • Can we create a minimal but useful model of cardiac tissue that appears to have normal function?
  • What are the effects of perturbing ionic concentrations?
  • What are the effects of perturbing ion channel functions?
  • What are the effects of perturbing topological characteristics of the model (e.g. "damaging" part of the "heart")?

Background reading

Possibly related