Can Algorithms Bend the Arc Toward Justice

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Workshop Dates

March 30 - April 1, 2022


Melanie Moses

Sonia M. Gipson Rankin
(UNM Law)

Tina Eliassi-Rad
(Northeastern; SFI)

Melanie Mitchell


Algorithmic justice requires a fundamental shift in how AI and algorithms are used to make decisions that impact people's lives. It is now abundantly clear that algorithms can exacerbate injustices in society. This workshop will explore transformative approaches to understanding, developing, and regulating the use of AI and algorithms to advance fairness and justice. The workshop will leverage our interdisciplinary perspectives to ask fundamental questions about the nature of justice in social science and law as a foundation to understand the potential for algorithmic justice in AI. We aim to understand how algorithms in criminal justice, healthcare, employment, and other sectors can either exacerbate or mitigate bias, unfairness, and injustice in society. Ultimately, our goal is to advance algorithms that transform notions and implementations of justice to create a more ethical society. A part of the SFI-UNM Algorithmic Justice Project and Project on Foundations of Intelligence in Natural and Artificial Systems. Ideally, the workshop will lead to a common understanding of algorithmic justice and ethical AI across disciplines and foster collaboration between researchers in computer science, law, social science, and philosophy.