CSSS 2010 Santa Fe-Readings

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CSSS Santa Fe 2010

Please review readings before lectures. Supplemental material may be posted as well.

Liz Bradley

Tom Carter

Here is a link to a page with various background readings -- I'll be talking about some of this material, watch the wiki for days/times

Iain Couzin

Owen Densmore

Doug Erwin

Duncan Foley

Laura Fortunato

John Harte

Jure Leskovec

1) -- models and link prediction in large social networks:

2) -- tracking information diffusion, finding influencers and detecting disease outbreaks in networks

3) -- models of networks with positive and negative ties

Cosma Shalizi

Adaptation and Self-Organizing Systems

Artificial Intelligence

Cellular Automata and Lattice Gases

Statistical/Computational Mechanics

Neurons and Cognition


Eric Smith