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* [[Media:CSSS10Pickle.pdf | Lecture one notes]]
* [[Media:CSSS10Pickle.pdf | Lecture one notes]]
* [[Media:CSSS10Pickle(Slides).pdf| Lecture one slides]]
* [[Media:CSSS10Boundary.pdf | Lecture two note]]
* [[Media:CSSS10Pickle(Slides).pdf | Lecture one slides]]
* [[Media:CSSS10Boundary(Slides).pdf | Lecture two slides]]
* [[Media:shoe.pdf | Markov Chains In A Shoebox]]
* [[Media:shoe.pdf | Markov Chains In A Shoebox]]
* [[Media:pickle.pdf | Conformal Geometry of Markov Chains]]
* [[Media:pickle.pdf | Conformal Geometry of Markov Chains]]

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CSSS Santa Fe 2010

Please review readings before lectures. Supplemental material may be posted as well.

Background Readings

Please see the Background Readings page for assignments.

Dan Rockmore

Dan's Intro Lecture
Draft intro to stat learning primer

Tanmoy Bhattacharya

Inference in Historical Processes

Liz Bradley

Tom Carter

Here is a link to a page with various background readings -- I'll be talking about some of this material, watch the wiki for days/times

Iain Couzin

Simon DeDeo

For the two lectures on "Physics of Reasoning" --

more advanced --

If you only have time to read one, read Jaynes! If you are unable to access any of these articles, feel free to e-mail me at

Owen Densmore

Steve Guerin and I will present modeling with NetLogo. It will have two parts, one a self-paced wiki tutorial, the second a set of real world examples of modeling we've used professionally.

Read the first page of the tutorial. Then (attempt!) to download, install, and look at the Model Library.

Peter Dodds

Nathan Eagle

Doug Erwin

Duncan Foley

Laura Fortunato

Greg Leibon

John Harte

Jure Leskovec

1) -- models and link prediction in large social networks:

2) -- tracking information diffusion, finding influencers and detecting disease outbreaks in networks

3) -- models of networks with positive and negative ties

Cosma Shalizi

Data mining and statistical learning lecture notes
Chaos, complexity and inference lecture notes

CSSS lecture slides:

Bill Croft, Ian Maddieson, Eric Smith

Alfred Hübler

Scott Pauls