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[ Liz Bradley] (University of Colorado, Boulder)
[ Liz Bradley]<br>University of Colorado, Boulder  

[ Tanmoy Bhattacharya] (SFI)
[ Tanmoy Bhattacharya] <br>SFI

Tom Carter (California State University)
[ Tom Carter] <br>California State University

Bill Croft (University of New Mexico)
[ Bill Croft] <br>University of New Mexico  

[ Simon DeDeo] (SFI Omidyar Fellow)
[ Iain Couzin] <br>Princeton University

[ Jennifer Dunne] (SFI)
[ Simon DeDeo] <br>SFI Omidyar Fellow

Peter Dodds (University of Vermont)
[ Owen Densmore] <br>Redfish Group

[ Nathan Eagle] (SFI Omidyar Fellow)
[ Jennifer Dunne] <br>SFI  

[ Doug Erwin] (Smithsonian, SFI)
[ Peter Dodds] <br>University of Vermont

[ Doyne Farmer] (SFI)
[ Nathan Eagle] <br>SFI Omidyar Fellow

[ Jessica Flack] (SFI)
[ Doug Erwin] <br>Smithsonian, SFI

[ Duncan Foley] (The New School)
[ Jessica Flack] <br>SFI

John Harte (UC Berkeley)
[ Duncan Foley] <br>The New School

[ David Krakauer] (SFI)
[ Laura Fortunato] <br>SFI Omidyar Fellow

Greg Leibon (Memento Security)
[ Stephen Guerin] <br>Redfish Group

Jure Leskovec (Stanford University)
[ John Harte] <br>UC Berkeley

Ian Maddieson (University of New Mexico)
[ David Krakauer] <br>SFI

[ Cris Moore] (University of New Mexico, SFI)
[ Greg Leibon] <br>Memento Security

Scott Pauls (Dartmouth College)
[ Jure Leskovec] <br>Stanford University

[ Dan Rockmore] (Dartmouth College)
[ Ian Maddieson] <br>University of New Mexico

Cosma Shalizi (Carnegie Mellon University)
[ Cris Moore] <br>University of New Mexico, SFI

[ Eric Smith] (SFI)
[ Scott Pauls] <br>Dartmouth College

[ Jon Wilkins] (SFI)
[ Dan Rockmore]<br> Dartmouth College
[ Cosma Shalizi] <bR>Carnegie Mellon University
[ Eric Smith] <br>SFI
[ Geoffrey West] <br>SFI
[ Jon Wilkins] <br>SFI

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CSSS Santa Fe 2010

Liz Bradley
University of Colorado, Boulder

Tanmoy Bhattacharya

Tom Carter
California State University

Bill Croft
University of New Mexico

Iain Couzin
Princeton University

Simon DeDeo
SFI Omidyar Fellow

Owen Densmore
Redfish Group

Jennifer Dunne

Peter Dodds
University of Vermont

Nathan Eagle
SFI Omidyar Fellow

Doug Erwin
Smithsonian, SFI

Jessica Flack

Duncan Foley
The New School

Laura Fortunato
SFI Omidyar Fellow

Stephen Guerin
Redfish Group

John Harte
UC Berkeley

David Krakauer

Greg Leibon
Memento Security

Jure Leskovec
Stanford University

Ian Maddieson
University of New Mexico

Cris Moore
University of New Mexico, SFI

Scott Pauls
Dartmouth College

Dan Rockmore
Dartmouth College

Cosma Shalizi
Carnegie Mellon University

Eric Smith

Geoffrey West

Jon Wilkins