CSSS 2009 Santa Fe-TShirts

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CSSS Santa Fe 2009

If you have free time, you may design a t-shirt and submit photos of ideas here. We will vote on the best/favorite T-shirt design and then (hopefully) have them made at the end of the school.


My idea is to use a logisticmap bifurcation diagram as a martini glass. It could show a person drinking from it like the Coca-Cola ads. <img src="" alt="chaos martini" />

I like the above idea but would also add this alternative: turn the bifurcation diagram upside down to look like mountains, much like the local terrain.

My idea is to make a scale-free network of SFI logos. The nodes can appear in different sizes. I will make a draft in the next couple of days. I also like the idea of bifurcations of a logistic map. That helps a lot when I want to explain and teach these stuff!

  • A indigenous-themed design based on the Jornada Mogollon petroglyphs at the Three Rivers site. I assume their copyright has expired. I strongly recommend this place for a visit, as it is not far from Santa Fe. Suggestions welcome.