CSSS 2009 Santa Fe-TShirts

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CSSS Santa Fe 2009

If you have free time, you may design a t-shirt and submit photos of ideas here. We will vote on the best/favorite T-shirt design and then (hopefully) have them made at the end of the school.

  • My idea is to use a logisticmap bifurcation diagram as a martini glass. It could show a person drinking from it like the Coca-Cola ads.

I like the above idea but would also add this alternative: turn the bifurcation diagram upside down to look like mountains, much like the local terrain.

  • Ooh! I like that suggestion, Erin, so I tried to implement it w/ the SFI logo as a setting sun, like this:
Front, upper right (viewer's POV)

Roozbeh Daneshvar: I really like this one! I can also give you a high quality SFI logo with my thumb drive.

NB This was done w. a VERY low-res SFI logo... it can be redone with a good one. As fond as I am of this, I am concerned how the shading will turn out on a t-shirt... anyone know?

  • A indigenous-themed design based on the Jornada Mogollon petroglyphs at the Three Rivers site. I assume their copyright has expired. I strongly recommend this place for a visit, as it is not far from Santa Fe. Suggestions welcome.

  • The idea of this design is to show that the same patterns appear in different scales (by the way, the two images are topologically similar). The resolutions of these files have been decreased, so that I can upload them easily. By the way, I have a high resolution image of SFI logo. It is about 8 Mega Bytes and I can not upload it here. If you need it, please let me know. --Roozbeh