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CSSS Santa Fe 2009
at the top of the hill next to St John's College (Sun Mountain), 11 June 2009

Santa Fe Institute

A set of SFI photos are available here.

BBQ at the Santa Fe Institute, June 12, 2009

See many more photos here, including how Mei started a social contagion with a sombrero. You can also view all of these photos as a slideshow.


At the BBQ at the Santa Fe Institute, 12 June 2009. See many more photos here.

Shared Photo Album

I've created a picasa web photo account that any of you can access. Just go here to see the Bandelier album. Please upload your Bandelier pictures to this album, or create a new album by logging in at The account name and password were sent to the CSSS09 listserv. Randy Haas CSSS09 BAND.jpg

Week One Pictures

Karen Simpson Here is the link to all of the pictures that I took this past week. We are such a fun group of people! Enjoy!

I've also added them to the CSSS2009 Picasa Page (See link above).


JP and Brian. Wildmen!

Hiking Bandelier, June 13, 2009

Photos from our hike at Bandelier National Monument, with a stop by Los Alamos on the way home. You can see many more photos here or watch them all as a slideshow.

Bjh bandelier1.jpg

Bjh bandelier2.jpg Bjh bandelier3.jpg

Great Sand Dune National Park, June 20, 2009

Photos from our trip to Great Sand Dunes National Park and Taos. We climbed to the top of a 750-foot sand dune and had a ton of fun while doing so. (And even more fun running down.) You can watch the photos as a slideshow here. Below is one of my favorites. Can you guess what it spells?

Can you guess what this spells?

Last day at SFI

A handful of random shots from the last day are on the shared album. Enjoy.

Santa Fe Rodeo

Here is a collection of photos from the Santa Fe Rodeo. You can also watch them as a slideshow.

Bjh rodeo1.jpg

Rafting Down the Rio Grande, June 27 2009

Here is a collection of photos from our rafting trip down the Rio Grande. You can also watch them as a slideshow and see more photos of our group taken by the rafting company.

Bjh rafting1.jpg