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'''Week Three:'''  
'''Week Three:'''  

[[Willemien Kets]], SFI (Social Dynamics)
[| Willemien Kets], SFI (Social Dynamics)

[| Doyne Farmer], SFI (Finance/Economics)
[| Doyne Farmer], SFI (Finance/Economics)

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CSSS Santa Fe 2009

Below are the lecturers with links (when possible) to webpages. Lecture topics are enclosed in parentheses - these may change!

Week One:

Liz Bradley, University of Colorado, Boulder (Physics and Dynamics Fundamentals)

Iain Couzin, Princeton (Group Behavior)

Peter Dodds, UVM (Networks)

Owen Densmore and Stephen Guerin, Redfish (Agent Based Modeling)

Alfred Hubler, UIUC (Dynamics)

Olaf Sporns, Indiana (Neuroscience)

Week Two:

Jennifer Dunne, SFI (Foodwebs)

Shelley Copley, CU Boulder (Origin of Life)

Doug Erwin, Smithsonian (Paleobiology)

Jessica Flack, SFI (Regulation)

David Krakauer, SFI (Evolution)

Neo Martinez, PeaceLab (Food Web Dynamics)

Lauren Ancel Myers, UT Austin (Mathematical Biology)

Harold Morowitz, GMU (Origin of Life)

D. Eric Smith, SFI (Origin of Life)

Week Three:

Willemien Kets, SFI (Social Dynamics)

Doyne Farmer, SFI (Finance/Economics)

Greg Leibon, Darmouth (Statistical Learning)

Jenna Bednar, UM (Social Dynamics, Law)

Nathan Eagle, SFI

Nathan Collins, SFI

Dan Hruschka, SFI

Week Four:

Scott Page, Social Dynamics

Caroline Buckee, SFI (Evolution)