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CSSS Santa Fe 2009

Please make an attempt to post plans to the schedule


I'm excited by the excellent hiking and backpacking available around Santa Fe! For now, if you're interested in some hiking put down your name, previous experience and equipment you will be bringing (for those interested in overnight hiking). Later, we can use this page to arrange specific plans -- although if you have some ideas or intentions already, please put them down. SteveLade 03:28, 25 May 2009 (UTC)

- Steven Lade. Experience: many multi-day hikes ("backpacks"?) in Australia. Equipment: probably 2-man tent and my sleeping bag. Won't fit my stove I think. I enjoy strenuous hikes but am no masochist.

- Daniel Wuellner. Experience: several backpacking trips (2-5 days) in Wisconsin and California. Equipment: 2-person tent, stove, water filter. I'll also have a car (seats 4). I like strenuous day hikes and easy-moderate overnight trips.

- Casey Helgeson. I did a three month hike on the Florida National Trail in 2000, but very little since then. I won't be equipped for overnight camping, but would love to do some day hikes.

- watson. I've done many backpacking trips over the last decade and a half or so in various parts of the country. I brought camping supplies including a 2-human tent and a stove. Observing beauty is my main objective when hiking, whether the trail is difficult or not. Strenuous is a good substitute sometimes.

Hiking Plans

Atalaya Mountain

Saturday Trail starts at the parking lot here at St John's! Trail is 7 miles return, 2000ft elevation gain.. Good views back over Santa Fe. Trail easy at start but steep towards end. Should be a nice warm up before moving onto more difficult hikes. You'll need walking shoes, lunch, water (I suggest 3L), hat, sunscreen, rain jacket and a sweater just in case.

Roozbeh: I am in (if the weather permits!)

White Sands Hiking 6/20

see Great Sand Dunes


St. John's Facilities

Please let John Paul know if you want to schedule court (basketball/volleyball) or field (soccer/football/rugby) games in advance. We need to get approval from conference services to make sure there are no *other* events going on.


Mahyar would like to start up a soccer game, Tuesday 6/9, 7:00 on the St. John's soccer field. We'll bring the ball. You bring the game. Mahyar Malekpour

Roozbeh: I will play.

Marek: So will I. If anyone has size 8 (Eur 42) or similar sport shoes to lend, I'd be very grateful.

Randy Haas: I'm in.

Mahyar Malekpour: Wow, great turn out for our first game. Here is the situation for our next games, the field is used on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5pm - 8pm. That leaves us with Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Update: We'll be playing our next soccer game on Friday (June 12, 2009) afternoon, 3:00pm - 5:00pm and decide for the next game afterwards.

Here is suggestion for our future soccer games.

  • Please bring a white and a dark (not gray) shirt to the games for team segregation.

Mahyar Malekpour: Next soccer game is tentatively planned for Saturday, June 13, 2009, 6:00pm - 8:00pm. A few of us are going for site seeing on Saturday, but should be back for the soccer game.

Don't forget to bring a white and a dark (not gray) shirt to the games for team segregation. Cheers.

How about a football game on Friday, 3pm? It conflicts with Tom Carter's talk, so it's a question of priorities :-) Marek


We just started doing some sort of static simulation of what it's usually called "basketball". We plan to play on a somewhat regular basis after the afternoon lecture: the more we are, the better it is. Jacopo Tagliabue

Update: I've scheduled a game next friday on the wiki @ 5:45. Cheerleaders appreciated


I brought shoes and a harness. Don't know the area yet. watson

Liliana Salvador Me too. I found a rock climbing gym 2.5 miles away from the college: However, I prefer to go outside...still looking for places!

watson: found this guide. i don't think there's tons of bouldering but I saw Diablo mentioned by someone as a possibility...


The gym has two squash courts, and I have extra squash racquets I am happy to loan out. Please add your name or contact me if you would like to partake. Nathan Hodas

Elliot Martin: Me and Andrew also have our raquets here, and they told us at the gym that they have extra balls and raquets for those who don't have their own

Roozbeh Daneshvar: I'd like to join. I prefer everyday after the 04:30 PM.

Gustavo Lacerda: I am interested.


There were some people interested in doing yoga. I am not terribly good, but would love to join a group. Alexander Mikheyev

watson: Also totally into this. Mornings slightly preferred. I've practiced some Anusara and have a very simple/short routine I do most mornings which I'd be happy to share.

I am sure I will do some yoga, I have been looking at the websites of some of the local studios. My ankle is bothering me a bit, so I will probably wait a couple days and then go check one out. I was thinking of trying the bikram place first although I am not too picky. Bikram is hot yoga for those who don't know. Looks to be $10 for drop in students, 1.5 hour classes, supposed to be for any level. Corinne.

Erin Taylor: I'm interested in the Bikram yoga - let me know when you plan to go. Also, I brought a great yoga DVD by Bryan Kest [1] which is Ashtanga style. I often do this in the mornings, it takes about 1 hour. The TVs in the common rooms don't seem to work but I can set it up on my laptop or someone else's, mine will require a power outlet however. For anyone interested, any thoughts on a suitable location?

Mareen Hofmann: I'd like to go and try out some local yoga studios. I haven't practiced Bikram Yoga yet, but I'd definitely give it a try. I also found an Anusara Yoga studio (which is what I do in Berlin) and we could go there as well:

Milena Tsvetkova: I do classical Ashtanga [2]. Since it is a set sequence, I don't need to go to a studio, although it is always much more fun. If anyone is interested in trying it out, let me know.

Karen Simpson I would love to do some Bikram yoga!! And $10 is not bad for a 1.5 hour workout. Can we plan on going this week?

Lucas Lacasa I think I've done like 4 yoga sessions in my entire life but I would love to practice some (if that doesn't mean waking up at 5 am...). If someone is good enough to teach me, I would be more than glad to learn! I've seen some mats in the gym (by the basketball court). Maybe we could organize some morning yoga on a regular basis?

Gustavo Lacerda: I'm interested. I'd suggest we set up a time to follow Watson / Erin's DVD. As for location: if nothing else, I think there are some covered outdoor areas just uphill of the Peterson Center.

Guimei Zhu i am in, please do inform me if you girls and guys set down the time. i have just praticed it for one year. I am really fascinated in Belly Dancing. It is really helpful for you to loose your weight in your belly and stomach, and good for you to relax your shoulder, tight your hip. I bring the belly dance skirt and also one song of it, anyone has others good song to share?

Elliot Martin: I have done some Bikram yoga and would definitely be up for it. I haven't done any Anusara, but I have heard some good things and would be happy to give it a go

Ultimate Frisbe

Anyone interested in a little frisbe action sometime this coming week? watson

Roozbeh: I am in favor of it, if there is some free time.



The Screen in Santa Fe Thursday, 08:25p.m.-10:00 p.m.

The cinema is 4.4 miles away, so we need to go by car. Lets meet in front of the college at 7:40pm.

Directions from Lee Goodwin: "The Screen is on the campus of the College of Santa Fe. If you get on St. Michael's Drive (past St. Francis going toward Cerrillos), the campus will be on your left after the intersection of St. Michael's and Llano St. Once on the main campus road, take the first right and follow it until it curves about 90 degrees. After that, you will get to an intersection with another road -- turn right and you will see the building on your right just past the parking area. I don't think any of the roads are marked with names, but these directions are straightforward. "

Liliana Salvador is in, by default!
Roozbeh Daneshvar: I am in!
Murad Mithani: in!


Regal Santa Fe Stadium 14 Thursday the 25th at 8pm Tickets $10

As I mentioned in my intro, I am unreasonably excited to see the Transformers sequel, and since it comes out on Wednesday (which conflicts with "music on the hill"), I thought we could see it on Thursday at 8pm.

So far, the only drivers who I have spoken to are Randy and Tom, so I've started a sign up sheet below.

Transformers sign-up sheet

Movie Night

Karen Simpson: If anyone is interested in taking a break from working on their projects and having a movie night in one of the common rooms, I have the following selection of movies to choose from:

Black Sheep

Bourne Identity

The Day After Tomorrow

Iron Man

The Notebook

NOVA Special: Chaos

The Thomas Crown Affair

Tommy Boy


Roozbeh: I am in favor of NOVA Special: Chaos


Music on the Hill™ 2009

St. John's College Athletic Field Wednesday evenings, 6-8 p.m.

This is something going on every Wednesday, for those who are interested in a bit of relaxing high culture.John Paul

Yes. Saw a posted add for this. Free every week. This (first) week looks to be featuring Brazilian Jazz! watson

Music in Santa Fe

Haven't done the legwork yet to see whats brewing down in the city, but I'd love to go hear some acoustic sounds or rock out to some electronic beats (SF has a vibrant scene I'm told). watson

Angela Onslow: If you do hear of anywhere playing this sort of stuff I'd also be interested, if anyone fancies listening to some blues then I'd like to check out WilLee's blues bar at some point hopefully and also I really want to watch some flamenco, have found one venue in town but still requires a little more research as to cost, if anyone's interested though let me know and we can pick a good evening to go!

John Paul: WilLee's is now defunct, unfortunately. There's a replacement bar named Corazon at the same location but they don't have the music WilLee's used to.

Salsa and Flamenco is at El Farol on Canyon Road. Thursday evenings and the weekends.

Electronica and such is Tuesdays at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. There's also odd assorted events at The Lodge on weekends. is the New Mexico DJ and electronica website, and has schedules.

Concert in Taos - Brent Berry Band

info here


I brought Set, Backgammon and Cards. I'm particularly interested in getting a game of Set going soon. Anywhere between 2 and 10 people can play. If you haven't played yet, its all about pattern matching. Its addictive and I'd be happy to indoctrinate you. watson

Also I love the group game Mafia/Werewolf/Assassin and would be down to instigate a game. Its fun to play with anywhere between 8 and 20 people. watson

Roozbeh Daneshvar: I'd like to play backgammon. Please contact me if you have some free time.

Poker anyone? I have cards - although they are now wet, apparently... Wendy Ham

Gustavo Lacerda: I like poker. Mafia could be fun.

Liliana Salvador: I am in for any game.

Elliot Martin: I brought bang which is pretty much like mafia from what I hear. I would be interested in playing anything though

Rosemary Braun I am *SO IN* for Mafia & hence highly intrigued by Bang. Likewise Set. (Am kicking myself now for not having brought Illuminati :( Is there any interest in a leisurely game of Diplomacy?)

Game Events

  • Sunday June 14, 8pm: Game of Mafia in lower common room (lower dorms). Don't worry if you have never played. It will be explained. watson

Mafia is fun come play! Corinne Teeter

  • Sunday June 28, 8pm: Mafia rematch! In lower game room (lower dorms). Now that many of us know how to play this can get *really* interesting. First timers, to expedite play, try to chat with someone who played last week about the rules before coming over. watson
  • Friday July 3, 8:30pm: Final Mafia showdown. In lower game room (lower dorms). watson

Visiting Santa Fe

Sunday June 14: Santa Fe sightseeing and museums

Margreth Keiler I suggest to have brunch at 10.30 and walk afterwards to Santa Fe to see and visit some of Santa Fe attractions.

Roozbeh Daneshvar: I'm in! ;)

Friday June 19th: Santa Fe downtown

Roozbeh Daneshvar: Let's set a draft plan to visit Santa Fe downtown on Friday June 19th and visit some museums. In case we go to SFI again, we can re-schedule.

Santa Fe Complex talk invitation

Stephen Guerin has extended an invite to anybody who might be interested in giving a "[Brown Bag]" lecture at the [Santa Fe Complex]. Email Stephen_at_SFComplex_dot org if you'd like to. The crowd is extremely receptive to any number of advanced concepts, and the opportunity to practice lecturing in a friendly, responsive environment is something that doesn't come around often.

Santa Fe Rodeo

Dave Brooks From the web site : "The 60th Annual "RODEO! de Santa Fe" is set for June 24th-27th, 2009 . The Annual "RODEO! de Santa Fe" is sanctioned by the PRCA so there are names we will be seeing and hearing about in the world of Professional Rodeo. Our rodeo began in 1949 when Gene Petchesky and Austin "slim" Green had a dream and the determination to organize a rodeo in Santa Fe. This dream exceeded their expectations and became what is today, one of the top 100 rodeos in the nation."

We are trying to get a group going for Friday night, Ticket prices: General Admission $15, Reserved $20, or Chairs with Backs $25 per seat.

Link to the Rodeo site: [Santa Fe Rodeo]

Link to the signup site : [Signup Form]

Friday, June 26, 6pm: Canyon Rd. art walk

For those not getting rodeo'ed tonight:

Last time we went down to Canyon road it was 9pm and there was still a gallery open. But just one. Tragically, his remains the only gallery i've visited in the sea of art that is Santa Fe.

The awesome gallery owners told us to come between 5 and 7 on future Fridays. Let's take a happy medium so there's time for work etc earlier and say 6pm right after dinner. I will plan on transporting a group down via a petroleum-fueled human body transportation device to the teahouse and we'll walk from there.

Note it might be raining scatterdly tonight so come dressed appropriately.


Wednesday, July 1, 6 pm: Thai dinner @ Dara Thai

1710 Cerrillos Rd

Santa Fe, NM 87505-3554

(505) 995-0887

Sign up Thai dinner

Trips Beyond Santa Fe


Some interest has been expressed in whitewater rafting trips.

Kokopelli Rafting offers morning, afternoon and all day (even two day camping) excursions.

watson: Interested. Particularly since someone said it had been raining a bunch.

Wendy Ham: Interested in day trips

Jacopo Tagliabue: I am in!

Brian Hollar: Count me in!

Lucas Lacasa: Absolutely in.

Milena Tsvetkova: I'd be interested in a half-day trip.

Liliana Salvador: Definitely in!

Guimei Zhu: absolutely i am in!

Massimo Mastrangeli: I am in, surely!

Wei Ni: Count me in, guys. Thanks!

Mahyar Malekpour: I'm in.

  • Okay, guys. I've got a quote from Kokopelli for 15 people, afternoon trip on the Racecourse section of the Rio Grande. It will be about $50 each, and we'll have to make a reservation and put down a deposit. If we can get this organized as quickly as possible it would put us in the best position for going on Saturday the 20th.
    • I would like someone to volunteer to organize this trip--I can give you all the contact information and billing for the company. All you would do is sign people up and collect money. I'll get it to the rafting company. --john paul

    • UPDATE: the trip is booked for next saturday, 27th (I've also sent a confirmation e-mail to the list). Feel free to ask me or J.P. any further info. We'll let you know asap how we are gonna go to the meeting point. Jacopo Tagliabue

Rafting Trip Sign-Up

Telluride Bluegrass Festival (cancelled)

Some of us are interested in going to Telluride Bluegrass Festival in the weekend of 20, 21 June. It's a 6-hour drive, and we probably need a hotel reservation in order to park in Telluride at all. Gustavo Lacerda

If interested, add your name and car status: Gustavo (no car)

Angela Onslow: I'm interested in this, I also have no car though, would be good if we could work in the "moon hike" that Dan suggested which I think was also in Colorado but I forget where!


Great Sand Dunes

Margreth Keiler: This trip was previously scheduled as the White Sands trip but has now been redirected to be a Great Sand Dunes National Monument trip.

Please Sign Up

Massimo Mastrangeli I would definitely like to join!

Daniel Wuellner I was thinking the same thing... here's a sign up page: Great Sand Dunes Trip Sign Up

Alexander Mikheyev I strongly recommend camping at the park. You will get the most amazing views of the dunes in the morning, while the park is still closed to other visitors.

Taos Concert: Brent Berry Band, Sunday June 21st

Mareen Hofmann: There is going to be a concert by the Brent Berry Band in Taos next Sunday at 5 pm ( and I'd like to go there. Anybody else interested? Taos is also supposed to be worth a visiting...

Gustavo Lacerda : I'm in! Do we have a car?

After Santa Fe

At this stage, after the summer school I expect to have a week off before my next appointment at UC Davis. If you have some time off and are interested in some hiking or other outdoor activities around Santa Fe, or between SF and Davis, please let me know. SteveLade 03:28, 25 May 2009 (UTC)

Angela Onslow: I'm also going to be around for a week after CSSS and was thinking about exploring more of New Mexico, possibly checking out the Grand Canyon or hanging out in California for a bit, probably either LA, Santa Cruz or San Fran (if I can get that far!) where some of my friends are living. Haven't made any firm plans yet though so am open to suggestions!!

Jeremy Barofsky: I am around the New Mexico area until my flight back on July 8th. I was also thinking about going to the Grand Canyon or doing some camping around the Santa Fe area after CSSS ends. Las Vegas isn't that far away, if one wants a different vacation experience. Let's talk about it as the time gets closer.

Barbara Bauer: I'll be around for a couple of weeks to. Grand Canyon in northern Arizona plus Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park in Southern Utah would be interesting. Also planning to go to San Francisco..

Mid-Atlantic reunion?

There's enough of us in/coming to the area that we should get together periodically. Who's in, and when?

Rosemary lives here and is up for pretty much anything. I'll remark that the Brickskeller beer list is the size of the Santa Fe phonebook :)

Sean also lives here (until September) and is also up for pretty much anything.

Brian lives just outside DC (Arlington, VA) and would love to see everyone again. Count me in on whatever is planned!

Wendy lives in Philadelphia (~2.5 hrs from DC) - will try to make it if something is organized in DC.

Martin lives in College Park, is also up for pretty much anything and promises to provide the funk when needed.

Finished and Archived


Anyone coming early to Santa Fe? You can coordinate contacts and meeting here:

Yes. Sean has arrived early. Text me on 202-713-4282 if you'll be around.

Bandelier Hiking Trip: June 13th

  • Bandelier National Monument day trip *this* Saturday (13th). I'm thinking a stop at the museum, hike the short trail to the cave sites, and then do a longer hike to a backcountry ruin (e.g., Yapeshi Pueblo). Also, I have a friend who, for his dissertation, incorporated ecological resilience theory into a time-series analysis of the archaeological settlements there...I could get a summary of his research, which could make for interesting and potentially relevant discussion during our visit to the sites. It takes about 1.5 hours to drive there. I can comfortably take one other person in my truck, and uncomfortably two people. Interested peops: Randy Haas
    • this was originally scheduled for the following weekend, but I've moved it up to the 13th by suggestion
    • Things you'll need: a ride, walking shoes, ~3L water, food, a warm coat or sweater (it's good to have a mix of warm and cool-weather clothes because the weather can change rapidly here).
    • There's a cafe at the visitors center where we can get lunch or dinner. I'll see if the diner here can provide us with to-go lunches. Otherwise, we can plan on making a grocery store stop on the way out.
    • Things you may want to bring: a hat, sun screen, a rain coat, camera....

Mahyar Malekpour: Count me in. I have a car and room for three.

Steven Lade: I'd like to come, and hereby claim a car space!

Margreth Keiler: I'd like to join as well and I have no car.

Angela Onslow: I'd like to come too, shot gun a car space if there's still one going!

Allison Shaw: I'd like to go as well, if there is still space in a car.

Karen Simpson I'd love to go too, if possible!!

Lara Danilova-Burdess: Count me in.

Guimei Zhu: love to go:), claim a car space:)

Chang Yu: Count me in.(∩_∩)

Roozbeh Daneshvar: I am in (I do not have car).

Andrew Noble: I'm in. I have a car and can seat five total.

Guimei Zhu: Andrew, could i share one seat of your car? thank you so much:)

    • Updates:
      • We'll depart at 9AM leaving from Peterson Hall.
      • Count on being gone all day, although if several people wish to leave early, we may be able to arrange for one of the vehicles to have an earlier return.

Bandelier Trip Sign Up

Santa Fe Complex Frankencircuit event:June 13

7-10pm. I bargained with Stephen for free entry by offering to give a brown bag lecture and he offered you guys free entry to this event as part of the sweet deal! More info here. Make sure to say you are a guest of Stephen and Owen's at the door. watson

BTW, this is a fundraiser so if you *can* donate some I'm sure they'd really appreciate it. watson