CSSS 2008 Santa Fe-Readings

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CSSS Santa Fe 2008

Week One: Modeling/Nonlinear Dynamics

Liz Bradley: Non-Linear Dynamics I-IV

Nonlinear Dynamics

Owen Densmore & Steve Guerin: Modeling

Before the modeling class (afternoon the first day!) you should:

  • Download the most recent versions of both NetLogo and NetLogo 3D from
  • Run some of the Model Library examples for both NetLogo and NetLogo 3D:
    • Start the application
      • Click Model Library in the File menu, try these:
      • NetLogo: Art > Diffusion Graphics
      • NetLogo 3D: 3D > Sample Models > Raindrops 3D
        Note: move the 3D raindrop world by click & drag
      • To run most of the models, click "Setup" then "Go"
      • To see the code, click on the Procedures tab
  • Finally, under the "Help" menu, click "User Manual" and explore!