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[[Riley Crane]]
[[Riley Crane]]
[[User:Giovanni|Giovanni Ciampaglia]]

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I'm Kathleen Sprouffske, a PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania in the Genomics and Computational Biology program. I am studying the dynamics of cancer progression.

I'm feeling a little shy being the first person to post here, so I'll add more later. I am really excited to meet you all!

Nish Aravamudan

I am Soumya Banerjee, a PhD student at the University of New Mexico in the Computer Science program. I use agent based models to study the immune system. I love playing cricket and watching movies. And I am looking forward to meeting everyone!

Meritxell Vinyals

I am Srideep Musuvathy. I'm a PhD student in Electrical Engineering specializing in non-linear dynamics and controls at the university of Southern California (USC). I am also pursuing a masters degree in mathematics. Most of my research revolves around how systems synchronize to create interesting behaviours.

Maria Davidich

I am Maria Davidich, PhD student at Complex Systems Lab, Bremen University, Germany. My scientific interests are biological networks, Boolean networks, cell-cycle, apoptosis. I adore hiking and painting with oil. I hope we will have nice time together!

Adam Campbell

Riley Crane

Giovanni Ciampaglia